“Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Major Identity Shift

Something very strange and magical starts to happen, when you expand your sense of identity. When you open to the mystery of Self.

Your motivation for diving into the depths of your psyche may be frustration.

You really want something, but can’t manage to have it.

You’re doing alright, but not great.

You know there’s more to you and to life, but you can’t break out of your current situation.

The answer to frustration is a fundamental change of identity.

It’s not so much about becoming something more or better than you are.

It’s about unbecoming who you are not.

And remembering who you really are.

Seeing with the eyes of the Soul

When you see with the eyes of your Soul, you realise that this present lifetime is only one chapter in an epic story that transcends time.

You recognise the people in your life that have been with you for many lifetimes. You understand why certain patterns and dynamics are as they are — and what you can do now to restore peace and open to more love.

Present-day challenges reveal their hidden causes, and become opportunities for liberation and growth.

You realise what you’re really here for, and can call on higher consciousness to support you to excel in all the ways you wish to in this life.

Seeing is believing

I didn’t believe in past lives until I saw them. 

I invite you to open your psychic vision, recognise and step in to the power of your multidimensional Self.

Join the next Akashic Readings Workshop or one of the longer programs designed to help you access the greater story of who you are.

See your life the way your Soul does.

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