You’re here to make a difference

by being who you truly are.

Your self-expression becomes the source of great fulfilment, as you begin to see how it enriches other people’s lives, as well as your own.

If you are to realise your full potential, however, you have to slay the demons that hold you back: those negative beliefs and emotions that you still, unconsciously, carry from the past.

These unconscious patterns tend to show up as:

  • problems that occupy your attention and energy
  • self-doubt and worry
  • discontent with your life

You may wonder, how an intelligent and capable person, like yourself, most likely with many years of personal development and healing work under your belt still can’t escape problems and pain. 

The reason is that the root causes of your problems are hidden. 

These blocks are hidden far back in history — too unlikely or painful for your conscious mind to deal with.

They’re hidden in the shadow.

“The meeting with oneself is, at first, the meeting with one’s own shadow. The shadow is a tight passage, a narrow door, whose painful constriction no one is spared who goes down to the deep well. But one must learn to know oneself in order to know who one is.”

– C.G. Jung

The question then is, how can you see through the darkness? 

How do you find answers, free yourself and get into flow?

That’s where my psychic gifts come in handy.

With my psychic vision, I’m able to exactly where the blocks are. 

As an intuitive empath, I also sense and feel the unprocessed emotions and negative programs that are affecting you.

Through my connection and guidance from spirit, I’m shown the deeper causes of the issues you are facing and what is needed to restore balance.

This is holistic, intuitive spiritual healing.

Finally, you will notice that everything starts to make sense.

Once you understand the reasons behind your pain, on a deeper, karmic and soul level, you will already feel relief.

We then work together energetically  to release what is stuck and unresolved. Grace permitting, I help you restore karmic balance.

Instead of being trapped in living the karmic consequences of your past, perpetuating old emotions and ways of living, you will finally be free to choose your life. 

You can create your own destiny.

What more to expect from this unique form of spiritual coaching?

When we embark on this journey together, you can expect to feel shifts immediately.

You will notice different sensations in your body and you will begin to think differently.

The negative emotions will give way to lighter, brighter feelings.

A new vision for your life will emerge. You will feel unhindered, joyful, inspired.

As the past no longer weighs heavily on you, we look to the future. 

First, I see potential future developments and outcomes, based on your current energy.

Next, I use quantum energetics, my own special way of working on the field of potentiality, to help you align with the future destiny that serves your highest good — and the highest good of all.

Does it get any better than that? Yes!

From this point forward, you get to live the life you had been seeking. You can fulfill your purpose and be the change you’re here to create.

You are free to make empowered choices and create your destiny.

This work brings up unconscious reasons for the blockages that prevent me from being clear… The beauty in Elena’s work is that she brings up the situations that are often so relevant for me. 

There’s so many situations from my early childhood that she just taps into precisely — the difficulties my parents had, my dad died when I was ten years old, my parents separated when I was four, I was in an incubator for a couple of months after birth — all of these things came up in one way or another. 

So many patterns that I couldn’t change just appear in this work and Elena has helped to clear the impact that these things are having in my life now.

We got to a point where we worked on a topic and I could see improvements in that topic in my everyday life that were just incredible…

One way to describe it is that Elena helps to get in touch with the activated energy, the karma, and clear that to give you your choice back. Another way is to see it as past life regression, but that’s not the important thing.

For me, the important thing is that she finds the source of the blockages that you have, the things that hinder you from being clear, helps you to clear them and give you back your choice.

I love how Elena’s dedicated to the work and how clear she is. How easy she gets into the zone to connect. How clear she is in how she asks for the permission to work in this zone without being distracted by anything. How clear she is following her method with so much love and presence. 

She clears the energy but still keeps her humour and her easiness with all of that, she’s amazing…

If you want to change your life, be free in what you do and get rid of all the patterns that prevent you from making your choices freely, Elena is definitely the one who can help you.

Andreas Schindler, CEO, Schindler IT Solutions

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