The Gift of Joy: Webinar Replay

What were your biggest takeaways from this session? 

Where do you find yourself on your journey of awakening and self-realisation?

Would you like some help to release the hold of the past, connect with your creativity and joy and realise your soul purpose for this life?

Consider some of the options below.

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I loved this session! Do you have any other recordings from sessions, or guided meditations I could access?

Yes! Start with Happiness Essentials: Recordings for Healing, Happiness and Growth.

The bundle includes three special session recordings that help you release energetic blocks and open to the best in life:

  • No More Heart Wall!
  • The Gift of Abundance
  • Connecting with Higher Consciousness (Soul Purpose Activation)

Read more and get Happiness Essentials.

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For more free resources, have a look inside the School of Soul Alchemy.

When you join for free, as a Guest Member, you have access to selected recordings inside the Free Library.

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I'd like to learn more about past lives, karma and how to manifest my soul's purpose! Do you offer readings, courses or mentoring?

Absolutely! You could start with a Soul Reading or Soul Alchemy Session:

  • Soul Readings give you information about your soul history, past lives, unique gift and purpose for this incarnation, as well as messages from spirit, spirit guides, angels, members of your soul family. Soul Readings give you extra clarity and confidence to choose your path in life, knowing that universe has your back!
  • Soul Alchemy Sessions integrate psychic readings with deep shadow work, transforming karmic patterns that originated in past lives, as well as in your family ssytem and ancestral history. Soul Alchemy Sessions are deeply transformative, helping you grow spiritually, find fulfilment and live with greater freedom, authenticity and joy.

Read more and book your Soul Reading or Soul Alchemy Session on the Special Sessions page.

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You could also opt for bespoke spiritual healing, coaching or mentoring, or join an upcoming workshop or course.

Contact Elena Angel for more information about bespoke spiritual healing, coaching, mentoring, and upcoming courses.

Is it possible to get guidance on one or two specific questions? Just need to check I'm on the right track with a couple of things.

Yes! Ask for a Single Question Remote Reading & Transmission.

This is especially suited for “yes” or “no” questions, time-sensitive situations, and any other topic on your mind, when you want some extra guidance and a boost of energy from spirit.

You can book up to three Single Question Remote Readings & Transmissions (i.e. ask three specific questions) at a time.

Read more and book your Single Question Remote Reading & Transmission on the Special Sessions page.

Use code JOY for 20% off all Special Sessions.

Powerful and very clear experience!

Elena shares the information she accesses in a very loving and light way, making you feel safe and creating an amazing sense of expansion and clarity!

Maria Crespo, Consultant 
Maria Crespo, Consultant

Wonderful and on target.

Highly recommend!

Robin Delaware 
Robin Delaware

I have some good news: my home sold last night!

The price was fairly close to what I had hoped to receive, but I was able to move the closing date up earlier. Investing the money earlier will make some of that up and it means I can close this chapter earlier, which I am more than ready for!

I’m so deeply grateful to have found you, at this very profound moment in my journey. I wish I had the words to thank you properly.

I just want you to know how hopeful and peaceful I feel in my heart today. It’s been a while.

Debbie Faulkner 
Debbie Faulkner

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