The topic of dreams fascinates me. Going into much more detail about the dream gave me better awareness and insight.

The biggest learning was that we can take control of our dreams and they are nothing to be scared of.  Dreams hold a wealth of information and you can engage with them to heal and work through things. 

It was a brilliant workshop. My dreams have been much clearer since.


I loved Elena’s course from the minute I started, because she shared profound truths I had never heard about manifesting and the relationship between our mind, body and spirit in this matter. 

Most other teachings focus purely on the mind, but Elena taught amazing physical movements and breathing techniques, which are immensely powerful for shifting dense energy.


For me, this material not only breaks new ground, it recasts some very familiar concepts and practices into a new and constantly evolving form that I and others can utilise in practical and effective ways in our lives. There is movement in this, a feeling of emptying out of many of the conditions and programs that obscured our beauty and power.

Elena’s presentation of the course is loving, respectful and dynamic, and I always felt met and heard. 

She’s got the presence and humility to flow with it and through that presence, I found myself more attentive and engaged, and the exercises and course materials are spot on!

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