Steve Nobel, The Soul Matrix

I had a wonderfully insightful energetic clearing session with Elena, where I was taken on a mythic journey through layers of old resistance and programs blocking my abundance and heart/love potential.

After the session, I really feel more alive, expanded, open and clearer to follow my true heart path. 

This was such a great gift, thank you, Elena.


Elena has helped me unravel and work through sexual, emotional and spiritual blocks. As a result, my marriage of twenty years feels renewed and vibrant once again. 

Elena was equally adept in applying her intuitive qualities, in supporting my eleven year old daughter. She released some negative beliefs she was holding onto and has found a new inner strength to draw from. On a personal level, Elena has helped facilitate and encourage my spiritual growth, encouraging me to explore the various new insights and energetic shifts that are taking place within me. 

I will continue to work with Elena over the coming years and draw comfort just knowing she is there.

Andy Jones, Sunday Times

Wow, how exciting!

I didn’t expect to feel such an instant change in my mood and pick up so many useful tools I could put to immediate practice in everyday life.

I feel really blessed and enlightened after yesterday.

I say that knowing I have never written such a peculiar sentence before.

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