Steve Nobel, The Soul Matrix

I had a wonderfully insightful energetic clearing session with Elena, where I was taken on a mythic journey through layers of old resistance and programs blocking my abundance and heart/love potential.

After the session, I really feel more alive, expanded, open and clearer to follow my true heart path. 

This was such a great gift, thank you, Elena.

Jonita D’souza, Exploring Femininity

I received downloads of how I am supposed to be showing up in the world and I have made more money in my business in the 7 weeks of our time together than in the whole year.

It all feels surreal, but also very real. I feel free to walk in my soul’s desires. There is a deeper sense of knowing that I am so divinely supported. 

I definitely feel that I have had a quantum jump.

John Burgos, Beyond the Ordinary

Elena makes healing past life experiences and the limitations they impose in our current reality simple to transform.

In all of my experience with different types of healing modalities and tools to elevate consciousness, I have come to know that this simplicity can only truly be translated by someone who has mastered their abilities.

I feel like a new version of myself has awakened. 

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