The rest of the day after our meeting, I felt an openness I haven’t felt in a very long time. I was excited to be alive, got caught in the rain with my pup and laughed and danced, and then was able to recreate an entire song without distraction (which hasn’t happened in over a year!).

I physically feel my heart opening and refusing to close even when my fears start to threaten me… Thank you for creating such a safe and loving space because I definitely could not have felt this way without you all.


My personal healing tends to take the form of physical pain release; which is not always easy. Elena guided me through this, her words and energetic presence gave me perspective and changed some of the narratives I was carrying.

I feel I have learned a lot from her over the years, none of which I could elucidate as gracefully as she deserves in words. I am very grateful for what Elena does for people.

I now feel incredibly motivated to work towards my life’s aspirations, with many more tools in my belt. I am free. 


My biggest takeaway from the session was that we are more powerful that we really think we are and with the right guidance we can discover the true colours of our souls.

We just need the courage to let go of old beliefs and mental constructs that hold us back and have faith that these will be alchemised into new nourishing and creative states of being.

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