The rest of the day after our meeting, I felt an openness I haven’t felt in a very long time. I was excited to be alive, got caught in the rain with my pup and laughed and danced, and then was able to recreate an entire song without distraction (which hasn’t happened in over a year!).

I physically feel my heart opening and refusing to close even when my fears start to threaten me… Thank you for creating such a safe and loving space because I definitely could not have felt this way without you all.


My personal healing tends to take the form of physical pain release; which is not always easy. Elena guided me through this, her words and energetic presence gave me perspective and changed some of the narratives I was carrying.

I feel I have learned a lot from her over the years, none of which I could elucidate as gracefully as she deserves in words. I am very grateful for what Elena does for people.

I now feel incredibly motivated to work towards my life’s aspirations, with many more tools in my belt. I am free. 


My biggest takeaway from the session was that we are more powerful that we really think we are and with the right guidance we can discover the true colours of our souls.

We just need the courage to let go of old beliefs and mental constructs that hold us back and have faith that these will be alchemised into new nourishing and creative states of being.


There is something inspiring about meeting someone who follows their passion and creates the lifestyle they want by connecting to centre and manifesting what they need.

After spending some time with Elena Angel, I get the feeling she is one such person and her work is designed to help the rest of us tap in to the right energy and do the same for ourselves.

Ian Marshall, journalist 
Ian Marshall, journalist

 I wanted to find a way to activate my energy and passion which I felt I had lost.

I have worked with many highly skilled practitioners but Elena’s instinct and talent to help me find the right frame or question is beyond compare.

I have recognised some of the deeply held, but self-limiting beliefs that I have been working with.

More importantly, I am more in touch with my true self and this is translating into me being more expressive in both my work and personal life — with great results already and even more to come.

John, business executive 
John, business executive

I had a wonderfully insightful energetic clearing session with Elena, where I was taken on a mythic journey through layers of old resistance and programs blocking my abundance and heart/love potential.

After the session, I really feel more alive, expanded, open and clearer to follow my true heart path. 

This was such a great gift, thank you, Elena.

Steve Nobel, The Soul Matrix 
Steve Nobel, The Soul Matrix

Wow, how exciting!

I didn’t expect to feel such an instant change in my mood and pick up so many useful tools I could put to immediate practice in everyday life.

I feel really blessed and enlightened after yesterday.

I say that knowing I have never written such a peculiar sentence before.

Andy Jones, Sunday Times 
Andy Jones, Sunday Times

The topic of dreams fascinates me. Going into much more detail about the dream gave me better awareness and insight.

The biggest learning was that we can take control of our dreams and they are nothing to be scared of.  Dreams hold a wealth of information and you can engage with them to heal and work through things. 

It was a brilliant workshop. My dreams have been much clearer since.


I loved Elena’s course from the minute I started, because she shared profound truths I had never heard about manifesting and the relationship between our mind, body and spirit in this matter. 

Most other teachings focus purely on the mind, but Elena taught amazing physical movements and breathing techniques, which are immensely powerful for shifting dense energy.


For me, this material not only breaks new ground, it recasts some very familiar concepts and practices into a new and constantly evolving form that I and others can utilise in practical and effective ways in our lives. There is movement in this, a feeling of emptying out of many of the conditions and programs that obscured our beauty and power.

Elena’s presentation of the course is loving, respectful and dynamic, and I always felt met and heard. 

She’s got the presence and humility to flow with it and through that presence, I found myself more attentive and engaged, and the exercises and course materials are spot on!


Spiritual healing, coaching and special sessions

I got to know Elena by a wonderful “coincidence” going through a rather challenging transit period in my life when I needed some guidance.

As the saying goes: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I believed in Karma from a very young age and I’m sure it brought Elena just about the right time to help me unfold my spirituality and growth from within.

Elena helped me to shine a light on past and current life experiences that had a strong impact on me and unconsciously maneuvered me like a puppet on a string.

What struck me the most was how clearly and incredibly precisely she was able to see, when my own words failed to express the feelings. Her ability to tune in is magic!

She is like a translator and she does it with so much lightness, yet certainty and expertise. And she is an absolute master in translating: her words are beautiful, at times nearly poetic and the images that she projects are like art itself. At the same time, she enjoys a good laugh too and it is so easy and joyful to connect with her and trust her.

I immediately felt at ease even during the first session when I had no clue what to expect. Elena works in an extremely professional and well-prepared manner, taking notes during the entire session. 

I found the notes extremely helpful because I couldn’t possibly remember all the session in detail and the notes were part of the healing process for me.

The sessions with Elena were a highlight for me this year and I can highly recommend her work to anybody who is interested in personal development and growth from within.

I gained insight and a deeper understanding for life in general. It helped me to look at my life on multidimensional levels and my fascination for what we truly are — souls on a journey — grows from day to day.

The inner work enabled me to see behind the facade more clearly and made it easier to follow my path in becoming who I want to be. Thanks to Elena, I was able to trust the process and I truly enjoy seeing that some areas of my life are now expanding and in full blossom.

Daniela Weber, Insieme Styling

I came to this work at a time of crisis. 

I had a string of bad luck for years. My business was suffering, I was in debt… I thought I was cursed.

My main goal was to escape my misfortune. I turned to many other practitioners before coming to Elena, but nothing worked. I was very angry, losing hope. I didn’t think I could do anything to change my situation.

Very quickly, as soon as we started the sessions, something shifted. I wasn’t sure exactly how, but I could definitely feel it.

I was very impressed with the detailed way in which Elena does the energetic clearing.

I had never experienced anything like it before. It was extremely impressive.

By the end of our sessions, twelve in total, everything had changed.

My business went through the roof!

I even had other companies reach out to me wanting to know my secret, wanting me to advise them!

Where I had no options before, now I have all these new opportunities. I’m much more confident about my purpose and I know that the work I do, my business, is right for me. It’s the right thing to do — not just for money.

The way Elena works is very methodical, but I don’t believe it’s the method that does the healing. It’s a presence, a force behind it.

I think there is a strong Angelic presence working behind the structure. Elena keeps your mind busy, whilst something else is working on the problem.

She is clearing one thing after another, talking, explaining, but the healing, the transformation happens underneath the talking, the structure.

The sessions brought back the enjoyment in what I do. How I help people.

It makes me very happy, to be able to serve.

What more can I say? Elena is a Grand Master! I would absolutely recommend her work.

Rolf Bösch, Entrepreneur

I felt privileged to have private sessions with Elena.

After my  complimentary discovery call with her, in which she took a lot of time looking at my topics, I had the feeling that I had finally found someone taking me on my hands and helping me going through old staff that had been bothering me for many years.

This brought me a lot of comfort and ease, and I knew she was the right person to guide me through this journey.

In our sessions we gradually worked our way through distressing events from past lives, addressed systemic family issues and released old patterns and belief systems. 

By the end of our work together, I feel liberated, light and at ease, and I have more clarity.

Even though I find it hard to put in words what exactly happened and what changed during the previous months, I do know that on some level I am not the same person any more.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Elena. She is such a gifted, loving healer who made me feel safe and in good hands at all times.

I am very grateful for her support and can highly recommend her spiritual coaching to anyone who wants to release blocks and limitations in order to live life with more joy and ease!

Sandra Bennett, Energy Healer

After a significant physical injury, I was internally guided for a re-direction in my life.

I knew that there were deeper issues to look at and resolve as I haven’t manifested major outcomes in my life — particularly regarding my business, home environment and relationship.

However, I didn’t feel like I could grasp these issues by myself, so I was looking for a coach in the spiritual field.

This is where Elena came into my life.

We went into unresolved energetic “shadows” and blocks that have been stuck in my system — whether it was from this life or past lives.

Working with Elena majorly shifted my internal world and — slowly, but steadily — I’ve been able to notice shifts in my external reality as well.

For the first time in my life, fears and blocks regarding major life topics dissolved, I gained more clarity and some things just fell into place.

I was able to heal the relationship with my family, my mother in particular.

By working through deeply rooted wounds and past life trauma with the help of Elena, I now bond and connect in a much deeper way with my mum and family.

Even though I live a completely different lifestyle and have different values, I feel a sense of belonging in my family and deeper sense of love for them.

My view and feelings in terms of my home environment have transformed.

After moving from one place to another, not feeling rooted, feeling like I don’t belong, and always trying to “run away”, I was finally able to let go of this internal confusion, resistance, and search in the external.

My sense of grounding – exactly where I am and live now – has become stronger. First and foremost, I feel “at home” in my body.

My physical health improved as I started to connect deeper with my feminine energy after decades of having lost touch with the creative & sexual life force energy within.

I can feel more vitality, joy, and pleasure in my body again.

I always felt like having a soul’s purpose – a deeper mission – here on earth. However, I haven’t had a clue on where to get started and what to do.

I carried a lot of fear around going out with my truth and taking action on business registration (also because I did not have a solid home environment).

Now, I have concrete plans, I have just registered my business, I found a beautiful soul-kindred partner and best friend, and gained so much more clarity on what to do next.

I can now handle challenges with more ease and enjoy life to a much greater extent and I just can say “THANK YOU” to this beautiful angel Elena, who has supported me during a majorly dark time in my life.

Anyone who is ready to dig deep, to face and let go of unhealed trauma and emotions, anyone who is ready to follow their highest good – I can recommend you work with Elena!

Thank you!

Olivia Bordonado, Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

What an amazing experience!  

Elena makes healing past life experiences and the limitations they impose in our current reality simple to transform. 

In all of my experience with different types of healing modalities and tools to elevate consciousness, I have come to know that this simplicity can only truly be translated by someone who has mastered their abilities.

Elena uses this mastery to be of service to others and to make this healing accessible to anyone who is ready to transform their lives. 

My sessions have been profound and deeply healing. The past lives that Elena connected to all had significant relevance to my current circumstances. 

The energy has clearly shifted. The old patterns seem to have faded away. I feel like a new version of myself has awakened. 

John Burgos, Beyond the Ordinary

This work brings up unconscious reasons for the blockages that prevent me from being clear…

Elena just focuses on a simple process, sometimes stories from my life and sometimes stories from past lives. It doesn’t really matter if it’s symbolic or real. It’s just relevant, it’s just energy that is active in this life no matter where it’s from.

The beauty in her work is that she brings up the situations that are often so relevant for me. 

There’s so many situations from my early childhood that she just taps into precisely — the difficulties my parents had, my dad died when I was ten years old, my parents separated when I was four, I was in an incubator for a couple of months after birth — all of these things came up in one way or another. 

So many patterns that I couldn’t change just appear in this work and Elena has helped to clear the impact that these things are having in my life now…

we got to a point where we worked on a topic and I could see improvements in that topic in my everyday life that were just incredible…

One way to describe it is that Elena helps to get in touch with the activated energy, the karma…and clear that to give you your choice back. Another way is to use past life regression to influence life, but that’s not the important thing.

For me, the important thing is that she finds the source of the blockages that you have, the things that hinder you from being clear, helps you to clear them and give you back your choice.

I love how Elena’s dedicated to the work and how clear she is. How easy she gets into the zone to connect. How clear she is in how she asks for the permission to work in this zone without being distracted by anything. How clear she is following her method with so much love and presence. 

She clears the energy but still keeps her humour and her easiness with all of that, she’s amazing…

If you want to change your life, be free in what you do and get rid of all the patterns that prevent you from making your choices freely, Elena is definitely the one who can help you.

Andreas Schindler, CEO, Schindler IT Solutions

I remember being super-surprised by the physical response to the process that was activated, and also in awe of Elena’s ability to quickly clear patterns.

There was a very effective and fast action, digging out stuff that I wasn’t aware of, but was coming up as obstacles in my unfolding. 

Elena’s like a Ganesh, she’s really helping remove these obstacles that are are sometimes conscious, but many times unconscious, and making the way easier, according to our soul journey, our real journey.

The person who’s receiving the session can choose the topics he or she wants to work on, or can ask Elena to see what’s going on and delegate a bit more. 

I had some topics, then Elena started investigating to find what was blocking wellbeing in the situation. While she was exploring and finding some obstructions or obstacles, she would invite me to relax and go see with her where she was and what she was seeing, which was a past life of mine.

I’m more kinaesthetic than visual, so I wasn’t seeing, but I started feeling movements in the body that were really surprising. I remember, the first time being super surprised by the fact that she was telling me, “I see this person, and he’s talking a lot” and I couldn’t see the person, but my body was moving back and forth and my mouth was opening and closing…

Several times, I had a physical perception of something happening and then calming or transforming. So I couldn’t see the image but there was an unrest in my chest or an agitation in my belly. And then as she was explaining…I could feel the process happening and usually a peaceful resolution in a physical way that my body felt better.

Every meeting gives me deeper inspiration… having done a few sessions online, I feel inspired to be more sensitive in a situation, to be aware of what’s really going on. 

I feel more in touch with all the layers of my body. I feel more sensitive and open to be informed and to transform.

Elena really helped me with my book writing. She inspired me to continue, and gave me some practical ideas on how to make myself more disciplined in writing. 

She helped me verbalise and visualise, because she could see my attitude towards the computer, and she gave metaphors that made it really clear for me to myself. 

She translated my needs so that now I know that if I really want to write, I can create the environment, the situation that makes me feel more comfortable, that makes me want to stay more, instead of wanting to run to the garden.

Elena has empowered me to find better ways for me to do what I want to do.

The second big theme was about my wedding. My partner and I were considering getting married after 10 years, but we had both been married before, so we weren’t keen… then I did a session with Elena. 

Elena found that I carried with me a weight around the contract and patriarchy, the concept of marriage itself as ownership, loss of freedom. 

I was able to process that, to trust more and open to the possibility of a spiritual union and confirmation of our devotion. And we did! We got married in December.

It was very romantic and I feel so good about it, I’m really glad we did — especially now with the virus, I feel this union is also legal and I’m loving it.

Elena really showed us how we would be even stronger in the impact that we have with the people we need to meet. 

As a person, Elena is the perfect mix, and I appreciate her lightness: she brings lightness although she’s going very very deep.

I love the way she adds a little laughter or light comment sometimes, when we’re working on a super deep issue, or something that has made me suffer for many years… She brings lightness and can focus in the dark.

She is not sugar-coated which, for me, is important. It is a quality that I appreciate. And she’s an amazing inspiration, well-prepared, professional and very pleasant company, very easy to be with, the opposite of stiff. Professional, but also human and not stuck on a pedestal. 

She’s working on herself, which is what I appreciate in any kind of facilitator, therapist or teacher. The moment we stop being students we become kind of stiff and crystallised in a position, whereas we need to be evolving all the time.

I can recommend Elena’s work online, because I know it works. Especially at this time, I know it will bring us amazing transformation: you can be sure she is with you and transformation is happening, even if she is on the other side of the globe.

Who this work is for? Anybody who is unwell and wants to explore the causes that can be beyond physical. Any explorer, who wants to find out more and clear the way, even if there’s no big issue at the moment. People who are struggling with family, generational, ancestral stuff. In general, to support any process of healing. 

Elena adds another perspective to any journey… a very insightful perspective, and helps to dissolve blocks in a light way.

Arianna Artioli, Feeling Sound

I was touched by Elena’s kindness and gentleness and felt very relaxed with saying “yes” to the session, even though I had no idea what she was going to do…a part of me felt like this is very much home for me.

In our first session, we worked with past life connections and traumatic moments that had been kept in the body, or in the system. It felt natural to look into these things…

Elena’s work just all felt right, so there was a deep feeling of relaxation happening inside me, and also this exhilarating feeling of “Wow, we can work through sh*t pretty quickly here!”.

The way the session is structured, you know exactly where you’re doing, and where you don’t know, there’s a little break to check in. There’s a feeling of “Let’s see, is there something else coming through? What do you feel?” “Nothing else here? OK, next!”

There’s also this moment, this feeling when it’s full, empty, done. 

It’s something that I feel when I give my sound massages…there’s a moment of “Now, it’s enough.” I love that whole cycle of coming into this space, this moment of very clear focus. 

Each and every step was powerful. 

For example, there was a theme around money, and one around tooth pain. Every step we took to find each life where there was something going on related to that thing and then loosening it was so precious. 

She knows where the gold is! You’re being guided and it feels like time travel.

Like a portal with moments of “Whoosh! We’re stopping here. Whoosh! We’re going on…” through the tunnel to the next relevant place. But it’s not linear. You go from “I have tooth pain now” to whatever it is that’s connected to that tooth pain in different lives.

I can feel how there’s different layers happening at the same time and so, even though it’s helpful to describe them as past lives, it’s just slices of the same now. 

It’s like we’re putting all the pieces together. Wherever there’s a part that says “I don’t want that in my system because it was painful”, we make peace with it and “Whoosh!” it comes back to the whole.

I always want to say, it was better than sex! Just this feeling of “Sh*t! I’ve had had this thorn inside of me all this time, and just by working on it for an hour and a half there’s suddenly no more pain or worry there.”

There is no more heaviness around it. On the parts that we’ve worked on, it’s felt like release. I would say orgasm, or a deep sigh.

Every time we worked together, I felt a great boost of energy and this feeling that I’ve lost part of the weight that I was carrying. 

We’ve done a few sessions and each time I just feel so grateful that it’s possible to work in such a short time, even over distance, and come up with connections to past lives in a moment, and then absolutely being able to do the opposite, to forget.

I feel like it’s the memories that hold me down and when there is resolution and peace in the situation, I can forget about it, instead of keep remembering. The memory is like a bird that’s been freed from the cage. So there’s more of a bounce to my walk!

It also fits very well with my own exploration of “what can I do to empty my mind and be present?” That’s the great work that I feel is happening here. I can be here, now, without too much pulling me from behind.

Elena is totally in command, as a very self-aware person. You can feel her natural authority around this stuff.

She’s very present and she knows what she’s doing. With a bit of feminine chatter making you feel at ease, taking you gently by the hand to the door where you have to say “I want to go in” — because you have to be present as well to what’s being asked of you. 

I find that a very beautiful way of working. It’s professional, but there’s also something very unique in how she does it.

She has all this knowledge and, at the same time, she’s sort of impervious, like it doesn’t matter how big your suffering is, we can go into this. 

Elena’s also a healer for healers. We can work with other people and then we need Elena to work with us.

I would like to use her work to prepare students before they come to my seminars, if they want to go deeper and work on the problems around the voice or self-expression — problems that come up in our seminars.

Whoever’s ready and working on themselves would feel at ease and excited to work in this way.

Igor Ezendam, Feeling Sound

In sessions, we would discuss the general situation that I want to understand better and then we check how my past experience influenced this present situation.

We’d connect with the past situation to understand what kind of energies were there at that time and how those energies are still alive or working in the present situation, and what the consequences are of those energies.

We do the clearing… sometimes we also check how those transformed energies will appear in my life now and what things will change.

After going through the process in each situation there were real consequences of how those past energies appeared in my life now, so after this work things were clearer. I could understand what the connection was between past and present and how it works. 

Elena has the ability to perceive or read energies and she explained a lot to me. I felt a lot but I couldn’t understand the information from what I felt so she explained to me what those energies meant.

In the beginning I was really concentrating on solving problems and wanted to understand why I was having a difficult time, why I was still suffering and so on.

I didn’t have the space in my life for my relationship with my husband, for my job and for other things because I was concentrating so much on the problems I thought I had.

But when we started the work, the problems were somehow cleared or solved and they didn’t feel so heavy and difficult in my life. There was space for my relationship, my work and contact with other people… 

I think that in general, a lot of things found their place in my life after those sessions and I could see them more fully, from a different perspective, and understand them better.

My experience in the sessions with Elena gave me the confidence to trust myself better in what I feel and what I understand. 

There were many times that I felt something or saw something which she described exactly. It was surprising, I would see the person and the situation and she described this person and situation before I did. 

So it really gave me the trust to believe in myself more, and what I feel and see. This was a big thing that I got from the sessions.

Elena was very supportive to me. The sessions with her are powerful as you are able to see what’s really going on and she can support you with that.

Elena’s method is safe… I felt totally safe with her and I felt that she took care of the field of the support. I believe in her ability or power to transform those things…

I felt a nice connection between us. She creates a relationship that is safe and based on trust. I really got something from this work and she created the conditions for this work to happen.

She is an energetic and joyful person. Even if the situation was quite difficult and the energy was strong and difficult to manage rationally, she put lightness and love into it and it became easier, so it wasn’t so terrible to work with different things…

I would say that she connects me with some kind of understanding, it could be described as a higher self or the soul, so I can see better and transform those things that are not working with my life. It’s quite empowering to access this potential and see things as our soul sees our life. 

She’s like a guide who’s explaining and supporting you through this process and she’s opening this place where it’s possible to do the work of connecting with the soul and understanding…

I think this work is for all people who want to live their lives more consciously. 

There are many people nowadays working on themselves to transform their lives, to live fully, near to your heart and your soul path, your soul purpose.

It’s for all the people who want to understand their lives better.

Basia Bargiel, HR Executive

You don’t find people like Elena so often who are so extremely professional in what they do and have the spiritual connection… She’s really on a top level for me…

I’ve had a lot of things happen for example, how I reflect in relationships, my sensitivity, and I’ve noticed how the people around me have changed, it’s really amazing. It has opened a lot of doors for me and I can make decisions more easily…

I had built up some structures in life that really made no sense to live with which blocked me in relationships and other things…

The magical thing for me was to acknowledge that I was working with someone that I couldn’t can’t lie to!

We lie to ourselves a lot of the time, but you can’t do this with Elena, it’s not possible. 

I’ll say something and then recognise that it’s not really the truth and I’ll think, “Why did I tell a lie?” Elena will gently reflect it back to me by saying, “Could it be something else?” 

Sometimes after the session I’ll stand there and say, “Oh, f***, I have to see this situation in a completely different way. I was actually the problem”. 

These are the really magical moments for me that make me really happy, because Elena helps me to see the truth of things. She does it in such a kind way and it helps me to deal with new situations differently…

Through the work we go into different lives and different scenes. It’s so fantastic to work with Elena because she doesn’t get caught up in the story and drama. 

There’s no good or bad. She says “It is how it is and let’s clear it, let’s move forward”. 

We look at the story because the story shows us the situation in a way that we can understand it, but that’s all. And when it’s there we can clear it. When we accept it, we can clear it. It makes me really proud to work with her because she’s excellent in this work, she’s such an amazing person…

A lot of times people will ask me “Will I get richer if I do this work? Will I have more possibilities in relationships? Will I have more happiness?” And I can only say to you that after every session you’ll have a bit more of everything, but only everything that you really need. That makes it so brilliant…

We have so many wishes and things we want. We wish for more and more which can make life horrible sometimes. We keep all our wishes within us, not just from this life but from past lives too.

We have to clear these wishes and the things that are standing behind those wishes. This gives us the opportunity to make wishes more effective in this life.

We have to clear the old things first, so we can start anew.

Rene Roth, Fitness Expert & Entrepreneur

From the first phone call, I really connected with Elena and I was super happy that I found her.

In my culture, spirituality and Ayahuasca ceremonies are not very well known. When I had a really bad experience, I could not speak to my friends about it. 

The shaman suggested I connect with Elena, who is also Greek, like me. I found I could speak with her easily and explain about my life and what I’ve been through, because of my culture. I knew Elena would understand.

It’s been almost a year that we’ve been doing work together and I really love it! There have been so many changes and shifts in my life because of the sessions with Elena.

Initially, I just wanted someone to explain about my journey and experience with Ayahuasca, because it didn’t make any sense to me and I was very scared.

In the first session, she just started doing the work right away.

She dove into my past lives, my karma, seeing myself, my aura and my energetic field. I remember being very interested about what I found out.

Previously, I had been reading a lot of books about spirituality and medicine plants, but I had a lot of questions with no-one to ask. 

There were things about my life that I couldn’t make sense of, but Elena explained everything to me and helped me to understand why things were happening.

It’s like a journey and I’m continually learning. I had another session today and even now, a whole year later, I made yet another connection of how things work and I was like, “Oh, wow! It took me a whole year to get to this point!” 

I came to understand that I can do exactly the same work that Ayahuasca does, but with Elena.

There are other ways to do the work, you don’t need to suffer or go through pain, like I did on Ayahuasca. It feels like a safer way to do it with Elena. It’s the same work done in a different way.

We started by clearing karma, past lives and energetic blocks. 

I had a lot of karma from my family — I had a bit of a troubled childhood and there were things that happened at a very young age.

Elena helped me to move forward and I’ve been feeling like a different person ever since.

The first 3 – 4 months was heavy work, but I was feeling the shifts straight away and the energy was changing around me. The decisions I was making were coming from a different place.

I was also in a troubled relationship and Elena helped me to get clarity on it.

I was so attached to my partner and I just couldn’t let it go, but my work my work with Elena cleared things and helped me to understand a lot and finally let go.

I was able to release the unhealthy dynamics and now my ex and I are on good terms.

If something is troubling me and I can’t get over it, I’ll have a call with Elena to clear it up and it’s smoother sailing.

Through the work, we’re clearing up blockages, karmic energies, visiting past lives. This helps to navigate through life easier and get a better understanding of yourself. You clear up your patterns and then you can be your true self more.

I see the world with different eyes. I notice changes as the days go by in how I react to things.

I had a lot of resentment towards my parents and what happened in the past… 

I had distanced myself from them for about 15 years. Through the work with Elena, I managed to talk to my parents and tell them how I had been suffering and been in pain all these years.

I was able to open my heart and talk, and it was very liberating. They had been waiting for this talk my whole life, and it brought us closer.

I don’t feel resentment any more. I’ve forgiven them and see them with new eyes. 

I used to feel that I didn’t belong with this family and didn’t want anything to do with them. Now my perception has changed so much. I have learned so much about human beings and the mistakes we make, how we are as people and how we react because of our trauma. 

The more I understand, the more compassion I have to offer.

We also worked on my experience as a professional athlete when I was younger. 

Gymnastics was my first love, but the way my career came to an end had left me so heartbroken and traumatised. 

I had never talked to anyone about it, not even my psychologist of 2 years, but it came up in ceremonies, then I talked about it to Elena and we did some work on it.

I was able to see what had happened back then from a different perspective and to close that chapter in a good way, instead of having this anger still inside me.

In my romantic relationships, I’ve seen the patterns that I’ve had with men, my behaviours, where they’re coming from and why I’ve been behaving this way. We’ve cleared a lot of karma there.

Elena also helps me when I meet a new person. I always ask her to see what is happening on a soul level, to look at the bigger picture. 

Elena is always so spot on!

Sometimes I didn’t listen and thought I’d try something anyway, just to see for myself. Then, a month later, I would go back and say, “You were so right, I can see that now!”

I have big realisations all the time. I make new connections of how things work, new understandings. Every session is unique and I learn something new.

It’s just so nice, how she explains things so simply, so I can navigate through life much better, moving forward.

I trust Elena a lot. She inspires trust as a person. 

She’s funny as well, and I feel very comfortable with her. She’s a wonderful lady, very open, very friendly and very understanding about anything I say to her.

I talk to Elena about my problem, she works on it and then I’ll feel amazing.

She will do her magic and I’ll be better. She also gives me a lot of resources. In every session, she suggests a book or something to explore. 

She always supports her sessions with resources based on our work and what I need to study to understand the work better and also myself.

It’s very important to do your own work between sessions.

I take a step back and analyse what we talked about and how I need to put that into action in my life now. How I can change my thoughts, my feelings, my behaviours.

Violetta Anestopoulou, Marketing Expert & Entrepreneur

“One of the key things is that Elena’s there for guidance. She’s there for me to ask questions and get a very enlightened opinion on the way to move forward, which is very helpful.

Also, a big part of the journey has been to do a lot of clearing, specifically around my soul purpose. I believe that everyone has a purpose in life and a lot of the time it’s not about trying to make it happen, but it’s about clearing the blocks which prevent it from coming into play.

Elena’s very wise in the sense that she doesn’t try to interfere with your soul path and she won’t do things on your behalf, she’s very strict about that… She helps you to find the way and that’s generally through clearing the stuff that get in the way, so then you can actually find your path.

Elena has this incredible ability to talk to you normally, but in the background she’s somehow simultaneously doing lots of energetic clearing. Because she’s talking to you, you’re only semi-aware that something’s actually going on. That’s multi-tasking taken to a whole new level!

We tend to have a list which we continue to work on every week and that really ranges between a lot of things…more mundane things, such as abundance, soul mates…physical things…it really varies and it’s becoming a lot more deep…we’re starting to move towards clearing more of the stuff so I’m able to channel better. 

I’ve come such a long way…particularly over the last couple of years. I truly understand that the work we’ve been doing for quite a long time has been enabling me to really move forward in my life in the way that I need.

There have been more instant recognitions as well. Since we cleared abundance, for example, I’ve definitely noticed that money is searching me out even more than usual. Also, we did a bit more clearing around body energetics and things related to tantra and I’ve noticed that energy could move through my body more easily.

Elena is an extraordinarily enlightened therapist who is very, very intuitive. She is truly connected to what is going on, on a personal level and a global level, and therefore very quickly understands what you’re going through. 

She can empathise with that, but can also resonate on a deeper level and help you to heal the underlying energy, rather than just approaching it on a cognitive level. 

We’re always keen to extract meaning together from whatever we work through, but if you’re able to just shift that energy then it’s a much better way of resolving things, I think.

What’s amazing is that she’s just got so many healing modalities to work with. She’s very diverse and versatile. There’s a very big difference between working with a normal therapist, or even a hypnotherapist, and then working with someone highly intuitive, like Elena.

Even if you’re evolving at quite a fast rate, it’s really useful to have someone to work with who is at quite a substantial level of evolution. The great thing about it is, as I evolve, she’s evolving too.

We had a session last night and I could immediately tell a tremendous difference in her resonance and I said, “You’ve had a serious upgrade!” and she said, “Yes!”… So, as I continue to evolve, she’s evolving with me and we work better and better together and that’s really refreshing.

The work with Elena has been really important to help me understand my life purpose. When someone’s helping you achieve what you came here to do that’s really important.

She’s always reminding me that things are coming in their perfect time… she really cares and at the same time she comes from a very spiritual neutrality. It’s not like a neutrality that’s cold, it’s a warm, loving and compassionate neutrality. 

That’s the paradox of life, I guess. She’s able to see things through a very neutral perspective without judgement… I think especially for someone like me who’s raging fire and passionate with a lot of energy, that’s a very complimentary thing to have.

I think, as a person, she’s very calm… it’s not really possible to shake her. I think when you’re working through things that can be very deep, to know that you’ve got someone who is that cool and collected in every situation is really important.

Elena really does care about you. I know that she does a lot of energetic work and sends love even when we’re not together. She’s someone who deeply cares about your process.

She’s very grounded too. On the one hand, she’s very connected to divinity and spirituality and understands it from that side, but you’re also dealing with someone who’s very grounded, very earthly and paradoxically gets the more mundane things that people can be going through. 

I think that in life, we’re naturally here to grow and to evolve — that’s the whole point of coming here. Even if you’re not spiritual, I think everyone can accept that growth is part of the life process.

There are people who are doing a great job on their own, but if you can find someone who can really assist you in that process, it’s really helpful.

I’m really grateful for the opportunity to work with Elena and I’ve got a great life, to be honest, and she’s played her role. I think that we all have our karma and we’ve systematically cleared so much of it over so long that it makes the path a lot easier.

We’ve done a lot over time and I’m definitely reaping the rewards. I’m very optimistic, I’m very blessed to work with her.”

Ben Hawkes, MD, The Flooring Group

I began doing sessions with Elena when I was going through something really quite sticky, a situation I’d never been in, I just didn’t know what to do.

Because I’d never experienced Elena’s work before, I thought that it probably wasn’t going to help my situation, but it really helped. It helped me to see things from a different angle. It put things into perspective and I could let go of the worry. 

All of my sessions have uncovered something different, given me a new perspective or a new way forward, and it’s always been in a positive way.

I can see what’s going on in my life. Maybe there was something stuck in the past that made me still think in a certain way, but now it’s changed, it’s settled, it’s moved.

You’re basically healing something in the past, or changing it — because a lot of our conditionings aren’t from this life.

When you go back and you clear it… even just seeing it for what it is, allows you to drop certain things and drop certain notions, because you understand what it means.

That gives you a different perspective that allows you to start seeing things from a different point of view and that point of view allows you to change what you’re doing right now.

It’s about healing the past, or forgiving. 

Sometimes you can’t do it, because you have no clue where it comes from! But when you see it, then you can forgive it. That energy is now no longer with you in this life and you’re able to just change. Things just change.

It really highlights your strengths and your weaknesses, and it allows you to be who you are, to nurture and cultivate that instead of suppressing it.

An issue would be bugging me, for example, when my family was going through something and I wondered why this was happening. Why don’t they all grow up and see things from a bigger perspective?

Elena took me back to something way bigger than my family. It was about the partition in 1947 — that’s what had brought people into a certain way of thinking. 

It brought such clarity to the situation and I could invite people to speak about it. 

Having that clarity of what the situation is about, where it’s coming from and then having something that you can do about it changes things. Now I don’t have that tension about it.

My family is much more stable and much stronger. I have less worries about things and I just know that they’re working out. It gives me assurance.

The sessions also gave me things that I can use in my everyday life, and it gave me this joy that I can be a force for good in this world.

I think that everybody’s soul is a force for good, so when you have a session like this and your soul gift is clearly revealed to you, it gives you a feeling that you’re useful in the world and to live from a more certain space. Even though bad things happen…

I was in a really bad accident a couple of years ago — which was actually why I did the first session.

It wasn’t my fault, there was no intent behind it, it was just an accident, but it was a really serious one.

I wanted to know why this had happened.

Was there karma with these people? You, know, those nagging questions, and so many other things were happening too. 

When we worked on this, it was such a new and different perspective: I would never have looked at it like that and it would have continued to bug me. 

But I got closure and clarity about it and that was a real a-ha moment, because it was something I needed to drop. 

This work can be really useful in big and heavy situations, in order to get a new perspective.

I think it’s the years of preparation, the years of meditation, ceremonies, discipline, focus and practice that this ability has been opened up to her. Elena’s attained this gift, and it’s to help people.

I don’t think just anyone could do this, because you have to have done a certain amount of work to get those insights and to be a conduit, to take yourself out of the way and to let those messages come through.

Elena is a very wise old soul and she’s very gentle. 

Sometimes she doesn’t even know her wisdom and I think that’s the beauty of her, actually… in any case, her work works.

Natasha Chawla, So Hum Studios

I had become aware that I was very dominated by the cerebral aspects of life and work and wanted to focus more on being to balance the thinking.

A friend suggested I look into tantra as a possible path — the same day I picked up GQ in an airport lounge and discovered Elena in the article within.

I wanted to find a way to activate my energy and passion which I felt I had lost.

Elena is on a whole different level: her presence and wisdom is a quantum level higher than anything I have experienced before.

The sessions with Elena are amazing…

She creates a context of trust and warmth that enables an opening up — she has an uncanny, almost magical ability to say the right thing or suggest the right exercise at the right time.

I have worked with many highly skilled practitioners but Elena’s instinct/talent to help me find the right frame or question is beyond compare.

Some of the insights I gain from the coaching sessions are not new and some are: the power is that the insights are felt and understood at as deeper level — this deeper knowing also triggers excitement and inspiration about what is now possible.

The sessions with Elena are changing what I allow as possibilities.

I have recognised some of the deeply held, but self-limiting beliefs that I have been working with.

More importantly, I am more in touch with my true self and this is translating into me being more expressive in both my work and personal life — with great results already and even more to come.

I will do more!

I want to accelerate and intensify my energy work as I believe it holds transformational power for me and potentially for those I care about.

John Tanner, Business Executive

Guided Meditations and Channeled Transmissions

Such a beautiful meditation. Elena’s voice is so calm, peaceful and beautiful that easily transported me to another state of being. It was like being drawn instantly into a beautiful safe space where I could place all my attention on me, encouraged to surrender, be present in my emotions, my heart, my mind.

I could also feel the energy behind the words. A beautiful, strong energy not only guiding the meditation but also holding the space, supporting me to go deeper inside of me, to cultivate curiosity and trust.

Trust that I can really see, feel and change patterns in order to explore deeper aspects of myself. And that I am not alone. Trust that there is so much help around me from so many beautiful beings…

I felt the meditation like a calling to take responsibility for my life, going deeper and exploring more to reach my authenticity, my truth, a place where I can truly enjoy the miracle of life. There was a simplicity and so much empowerment in the words.

Thank you, Elena, for holding such a beautiful space, helping me to come to my truth for my own and higher good, supporting me to develop my skills and become aware of my gifts, beauty and light.

I am so grateful for your gift, powerful message and magical support.

Anca Protesanu

Wow, what a beautiful meditation… Quickly and gently, it brought me to myself, feeling myself, the light, the spirituality, the connection with my soul, even though I was a bit scared.

So beautiful, peaceful, loving, joyful, warm. Your music, voice and words supported that beautifully. Amazing what appears in a short time!

I felt safe with you in that meditation to open up to the soul level, to be open to receive and I could stop my need to control (most of the time).

Your contribution about yourself and the meditation inspires me and encourages me to move on on this path of mine, to go deeper and to open up more and more, to allow the feelings, sensations I have on me, and when I meet other people.

There is something so strong and clear, which I want to learn about, to develop and feel safe, certain about.  Allowing myself to have such abilities and to develop them. Guidance brought me to you… Beautiful!

Thank you so much for your contribution and warmth.

Silke Mau

It was a lovely experience last week! The meditation was really deep and I came out of it so relaxed and so happy. 

It was all about being strong… a beautiful, beautiful experience, so I’m looking forward to today’s session.


I listened to you on the flow! summit and was amazed by the meditation at the end…

It was special, I felt good… somehow angelic.”

Petra Mahler

I love the way you combined the music along with your voice. 

The meditation, as a whole, felt very specific and important to me. It made very clear, what I have to change in my life. 

All week, I’ve been working on this and making progress. The starting point was this session with you!


Thank you for your time and effort in creating a lovely demonstration.

I thoroughly enjoyed some of the insights and truly feel that your meditation helped me. I felt moved and calm, imagining a sphere. Inside this sphere contained a pyramid with perfect angles. 

I felt each side represented a different attribute or value… Almost as if I was being called to participate and take action on each of these planes/platforms. All together they create the sphere — and maybe this represents wholeness?

When being introduced to allow another into the experience, I felt the presence of my beloved. I felt close to her in a different way than I’m used to. The moment was subtle but pleasurable. At some point I almost “physically” felt connected. I could feel her hand or hands inside of my own. I felt renewed for a moment as this was certainly a unique and fulfilling experience.   

Looking forward to more meditations!  

Jonathan Addis

I have to say, last week’s was a very powerful meditation. I felt quite emotional, a sadness came over me. 

I had a difficult day the next day, but I listened to the meditation again and I felt differently at the end of it. 

Listening to the meditation again gave me a different perspective of the past. So, I’m looking forward to tonight, very much! 

I really enjoy these sessions and I’m looking forward to tonight’s, new beginnings!


This morning my energy was low. I was not able to meditate.

After I saw your introduction and listened to your meditation, my energy was unusually high — even a few hours later. 


Vladimiro Imhof

I just finished your beautiful meditation from the flow! summit 2022 and I just wanted to thank you for this reminder and opportunity to get back in touch with my heart and soul.

It was such a strong and lightful ambiance to sit comfortably on my throne! I wanted to stay much longer and surely will go back.

Thank you so much for giving me peace and calmn back into my life with this meditation!

Thank you!

Svenja Ciriack

Thank you for your meditation! I found it very helpful and easy to visualize what you were saying!

It was difficult to see the gifts i was supposed to receive, but I did get an idea for a project that would suit me perfectly! I will experiment and see what comes from it, so thank you again!

I appreciate learning about my past lives and my soul purpose in this lifetime, as I have natural psychic gifts and would love to strengthen them!

Lucy Wagstaff

I’ve been doing these meditations many times now and I feel a big change in my life.

I thought about it last time, when you asked me at the end how I feel, and I had to compare, how it was two months ago and how it is now.

I feel my eyes are more open, more bright. I set some healthy boundaries for me — not against any special person, around everyone. I need to have my space! A safe space for me.

I think it’s really beautiful that I can feel like this!

I like that you like to move forward faster, get up on the highway and let’s go! I really enjoy it, because my burnout started ten years ago and I don’t want to wait another ten years before I feel well, so I really enjoy that we can move forward a little quickly.

And last time, the healing, that was something special too. It felt like somebody lifted me up from the chair and then I was really calm. And then, when I went to bed, it felt like someone gave me some more healing. And it was really wonderful!

So I really enjoy it, it has been amazing and I look forward to the sessions!


Last week we were talking about the Heart Wall and I remember the feeling of holding something around my chest. Somehow, the work we did made me feel lighter. 

Someone mentioned to me that I move differently!  I’m walking with more confidence. I saw this person a couple of days before we did this work and then, two days later, he couldn’t recognise me! He said to me, “Oh, I wasn’t sure it was you! You’re walking different!” 


Women’s Circles, Cacao Ceremonies

That was a beautiful and unexpected event.

I went with a completely open mind with no expectations and felt blessed to have happened upon your group.

What a blessed gathering of women and you at the helm made the occasion extremely smooth, genuine and totally lacking in ego. Loved the eclectic music — much like my own tastes!

Thank you for all that you do in honour of women.


Thank you beautiful sister for all that you are and all that you give. Truly a blessing.

I am feeling super energised and motivated. Some very clear teachings have come through and I have some much welcomed clarity and deep gratitude in my heart…

This has very much been a journey of transformation for me and I could not have gotten where I am without engaging with the sisters and women’s circles.

The support I have received as a result of attending women’s circles has just been so incredible. I truly wish for sisters everywhere to know they are not alone and can experience the same. 

Such precious times! A lot of gratitude in my heart, really embracing the journey. Feel such a shift occurring on this road. Thank you, universe. Thank you, dear sister.


It was an awesome night… and so much has been filtering through my consciousness and emotional space since… It was powerful!

Today, I am feeling much lighter in my body and spirit and feeling lots of inspiration to hold and be in spaces where we can work with our inner marriage between the masculine/feminine… and gratitude for new waves of energy that come following periods of heaviness/darkness…

Womb healing and cacao! Such a beautiful combo!


I wanted to attend a cacao ceremony as I had heard that it helps open the heart and facilitates healing.

The ceremony itself was an intimate ritual with about eight women taking part.  All the ladies participating shared what they wanted to get out of the evening.

As each woman opened up about her life and her history, many of us could see overlaps with our own lives and started to bond.  I personally wanted to become more in touch with my feminine side and work on resolving conflict.

As the evening wore on, I felt myself become more and more relaxed.  Without being aware of it happening, my thinking (masculine) side switched off.  As Elena went round the room engaging with people and asking how they were doing, I found myself wanting to tune out of the conversation and sink deeper into the bean-bag I was sitting upon and just to be — a rarity for me as my mind is normally in overdrive.

During the ceremony, I experienced a moment of clarity, as I understood how to resolve the conflict I was facing in a mature and loving way.

At the end of the evening I felt slightly intoxicated, and in touch with my sensual self.  I felt giddy and happy.  Although the effect wore off later that evening, it was a relaxing and uplifting experience.

The cacao itself is richer and more bitter than chocolate you can buy commercially.  I found that when I added honey it became more palatable to drink.  Others lapped it up without adding anything.  It acts in the way a stimulant, like alcohol, might do in bringing down barriers, but without the side effects.

Elena expertly facilitated the ceremony as a shamanic healer with grace and love, intuitively moving into the background to help the women open up some of the time and leading the ritual at other times.  She opened up a safe welcoming space to share with other women where I felt I could safely open up and be part of a sisterhood.

Such female-only rituals have all but disappeared in Europe and the USA, and the experience makes you aware of how important it is to have ceremonies like this delivered by and for women.


Drinking sacred cacao with Elena was a profoundly moving experience — serving the cacao with much love and grace.

I was expecting at most a feeling of well being — which is how chocolate is normally marketed — but, I would say,  this is not your usual chocolate!

Drinking cacao in a circle is a real gift — I could feel the warmth of the cacao flowing through me and I became very conscious of a warm feeling all over my body. The taste is not bitter at all, but a much richer intense chocolatey taste with extra honey if needed. We drank slowly, savouring each mouthful — not like gulping down a cappuccino!

Each person was able to open up and speak from their hearts, and I felt able to connect with people in the room on a deeper level.  Slowly I became aware of the heart connection for each person, rather than mind/ego connection. It was truly liberating and very moving to hear people sharing so deeply and honestly.

The next day and for quite a few days after I had a very clear vision of what I must attend to in my life that was most vital, and I found myself questioning deeply: why am I here and what is my purpose?  And in my sleep, dreams were awakened ones!  Those dreams you don’t forget when you wake up!

I can say without a doubt this inspirational journeying was greatly enhanced by this wonderful forgotten medicine plant — it just felt so right!

Thank you, Elena — I will always come back!


Soul Mate Connections

YouTube video

I thought it would be this chilled, fluffy space, but it wasn’t. It went deep… 

I found it was a very authentic space, people shared from the heart. People shared very openly. It inspired me to be very open, to be vulnerable and to be brave and flowing with what went through. I felt it was a very intuitive space… 

It was a question of trust. l trust Elena. It was full of trust. I knew she would create something beautiful and flowing… 

There was a wide range of people. People with regular day jobs. People who were healers.  And a whole sort of space in between. 

It’s very rare for me to try to connect with the two. Often there’s a very strong yang energy while at work. A yin or fluid space in the evening and weekends. The two worlds are completely separate. It’s very rare for me to find one place where the two connect. 

That’s what I found tonight.


YouTube video

The exercise we’ve just done…is an amazing exercise that involved four of us sitting together explaining what makes us passionate. And I found myself chomping at the bit… I had lots of things… I had images in my mind…

We bonded instantly in a matter of minutes… explaining and expressing ourself in the way that we did…the trust that we had… it was flowing in a natural way… As a result of that, our bonding is immediate. We know each other. We know about one another.

Sometimes we felt very guided and very sensitive towards certain areas and about things to say that felt really poignant and important to that person as if you were giving…important knowledge or information to someone.

Someone who hadn’t met you and you don’t know, but you take them into your heart, in a way, because you empathise with them as a human being…we’re all in a similar situation…it’s really rewarding…really interesting.

And there’s a lot of affirmation there. 

And warm feeling. 

Another person said it was like having a really warm feeling inside.


YouTube video

It’s been a safe space to just be open and get in touch with one’s emotions. And actually being able to speak out loud, things that maybe just go round and round in your head all day… The best part of it is feeling the freedom to say, speak your own truth, without having that other track playing in your head… ‘what is this other person thinking of me’…  I just felt free and able to be me. This is who I am. It’s very freeing.

It was very comfortable. People were really open and willing to exchange. And I think that’s maybe what’s missing from my everyday life…. 

As human beings we all play a role. This is what this person wants me to be, so I’ll be that person. At work maybe they want me to be strong and clear about where I’m going…they do not want to hear I’m a bit emotional about this, that or the other…or I might be feeling a bit weak.

And also it provokes you to think about other things as well. It makes things clearer, I think, just saying it out loud.


YouTube video

I did not expect to be with all these people. And share with those people so many things about myself that I usually struggle to share.

I felt so comfortable. I don’t know how that happened. They are complete strangers. I am a complete stranger to them. It just feels so comfortable. It feels like a safe space for some reason. I don’t know how that was created. I don’t think anyone did not feel safe. Everyone was so pleased and so happy and comfortable talking and receiving feedback.

It’s amazing how much you can tell about a person in the 30 seconds they are talking. It’s also a reminder of what you can feel of that person and what that person can feel. Even if you’re not talking. It’s a different type of connection. A deeper connection without words. 

It’s already overwhelming in a very good way. It was like WOW. 

I don’t know how, but she created a safe space and a really nice atmosphere. I think that’s her. She’s the one guiding everyone. We need some guidance. If we didn’t need that guidance we would be talking to people out in the streets and we are not.


YouTube video

I wasn’t sure whether it was a sort of ‘find your soulmate’, as in your romantic soulmate type thing, which I wasn’t really up for.. but at the same time I was quite intrigued… by the broader understanding of soulmates…. I’m really glad it wasn’t about that. It was much broader than that…

Amazing! It was really really amazing… The whole space was so warm and inviting… It’s not easy, I think, to create that space when you‘ve got a lot of strangers…

The group work we did, that to me was a revelation, because in a very short space of time, really, just through talking to each other… myself and the four other group members… we just became very emotionally intimate with each other, but in a very safe way, in a very supportive way… So, brilliant!

Someone else said they felt cherished… That was beautiful… I don’t think we get that an awful lot… people — three people! — saying really lovely things to you… I think we were all really moved by that…

I came for the evening and it flew by. It’s just flown by! I want to find out more… Elena obviously really knows her stuff… I really want to find out more about the whole area of connection and intimacy… She’s really inspiring.


YouTube video

I’ve heard about Elena’s work and reputation. She had a good reputation as a teacher and workshop facilitator…

I came wanting to learn about what a soulmate was, how would you could identify a soulmate… I had some ideas about what a soulmate might be… I came here fairly open. I just wanted to go through the experience from a spirit of curiosity and see what happened…

We did the initial exercise with another person…that exercise where you look into another person and I found a very strong connection with the other person. And the other person felt a very strong connection with me… A mutual thing where we could really see into each other.. some king of light inside each other… It made sense…

A very beautiful and moving experience to go through.