“Tantra is a path of union and integration—pairing, sharing, and synergizing—not withdrawal or escapism. This is why it’s so pertinent to our modern era, and especially to this theme of developing co-and inter-meditation practices utilizing the encounters of daily life as practical, organic supports and even catalysts to higher consciousness and deeper wisdom. 

Tantra is about relationships, especially vitality, longevity, healing, and subtle internal energies—masculine and feminine, yin and yang, Shiva and Shakti. In our own light-body and energy field we become the rainbow bridge between Heaven and Earth. 

Genuine practice of this discipline can prove an exceptionally powerful tool to harness, boost, and utilize the natural concentration or Samadhi of intense passionate desire to connect more deeply to another, to ourselves, and to what lies beyond—whether we conceive of it as Higher Power, Buddha Nature, oneness, the Clear Light of reality, or spiritual transcendence…

Tantra implies non-duality or inseparability—the warp and woof in a single weave. Many people think the tantric texts merely instruct us on how to magnify love and fullness of heart through sexuality, that the teachings focus mostly on finding a cosmic portal into love’s incomparable wonder, joys, and ecstatic union. But that’s just part of the story.

Tantric sex is just one popular example of how to unite with non-dual awareness-meditation and cosmic energy communitation. It refers to fundamental unity or interwovenness of the fabric of reality, of all of life.

Tantra yoga traditionally is known as a practical discipline for unifying the mind, or one-ing ( yoga means yoking, joining ) with God. Tantra vastly helps resolve the disharmony and split between matter and spirit, God and man, time and eternity, life and death/eternity, and assists in the re-integration and harmony of all such conceptual dichotomies and polarities. 

Historically it has been considered the most powerful esoteric way in which to resolve all conflicts—outer, inner, and subtlest—and make peace within oneself.”

— Lama Surya Das in Make Me One with Everything: Buddhist Meditations to Awaken from the Illusion of Separation

The author goes on to point out that genuine Tantric practice is not all fun and pleasure, but is actually very rigorous and fraught with dangers — with which I would agree, based on my own exploration of Tantric and Taoist practices and sexual alchemy.

In my current work with clients and students, I put a great emphasis on karmic clearing, soul integration, and opening the heart — three key pieces that allow you to progress more safely and effectively in your Tantric or any other spiritual practice.

In our Meditation & Energy Work Sessions we work (or play!) on the quantum level, entering a state of stillness, spaciousness, luminosity.

There, there is no polarity, no conflict, no opposition. There’s no union, because there are no parts. There is no-thing and no-one there. 

But is-ness is there!

Divine Love is present. 

Peace, love, joy, bliss… 

A mysterious alchemy is taking place.

The result? It shows in your life.

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