“To be happy with yourself in the present moment while maintaining a dream of your future is a grand recipe for manifestation.

When you feel so whole that you no longer care whether ‘it’ will happen, that’s when amazing things materialize before your eyes.

I’ve learned that being whole is the perfect state of creation. I’ve seen this time and time again in witnessing true healings in people all over the world.

They feel so complete that they longer want, no longer feel lack, and no longer try to do it themselves. They let go, and to their amazement, something grater than they are responds — and they laugh at the simplicity of the process.”

– Dr. Joe Dispenza, You are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter

Dr. Joe, as his students call him, has plenty of healing stories to share, besides his own. His online forums are full of testimonials from people from all walks of life, who have achieved extraordinary healings and transformation.

One aspect of near-miraculous transformation is the unshakeable belief in the mind-over-matter principle.

Another is the surrender to a greater intelligence, and vigilance over our thoughts.

“First, every day I would put all of my conscious attention on this intelligence within me and give it a plan, a template, a vision, with very specific orders, and then I would surrender my healing to this greater mind that has unlimited power, allowing it to do the healing for me.

And second, I wouldn’t let any thought slip by my awareness that I didn’t want to experience.”

Want to put it to the test?

We take a closer look at the spiritual and energetic dimension of Health, Well-being, Vitality and Abundance, as part of the group program, “Attuned to Essence”.

Bring your intentions and we’ll get to work on them!

Who knows? Perhaps, in time, you’ll have your very own near-miraculous transformation story to share.

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