Soul Purpose Unveiled:
Your Unique Path to Happiness
and Self-Realization

Welcome to your new life!

Is your soul calling out to you?

Perhaps you’ve always had a feeling you’re here for a reason, a mission, a great destiny.

And yet, your path is not entirely clear and you’re weighed down by doubt and negativity — and just the sheer effort of having to overcome one challenge after another.

It could be you’ve achieved everything you set out to do. By all accounts, you’ve succeeded.

But something is missing. 

This could be a time of crisis. A time of awakening.

Unexpected events forcing you to change.

Are you in the midst of a breakdown, realizing it’s time for a big breakthrough?

Or just ready to uplevel — because you know you’re on the path of Ascension?

This is the moment!

Gain clarity on what you’re really here for, free yourself from hidden blocks and negativity, and unleash your innate, joyful creativity and Divine gifts, as you manifest your highest destiny.

You can transform your life and find true happiness and fulfilment: your own soul holds the key!

And it’s brought you here. Now.

You’re at the right place.

I’m Elena Angel, intuitive channel, psychic healer and mystic, and I’m here to ease your way.

Let me be your guide, light the path to your most fulfilled and aligned life.

As seen in

Do you believe in destiny?

It can seem like a game of lottery, the way you come into this life.

Were you lucky enough to be born into a life of privilege and ease? Are you having an easy time, mostly getting what you want out of life?

Or has your lot been a tough one, your life one uphill struggle?

Whatever your lot in life, sooner or later, you’ll encounter some crisis.

Some untenable situation will finally reach a head. Something unexpected will pull the rug from under your feet. Or a haunting unease, discontent, longing — even when things seem fine on the surface — will cause you to seek something more, something different.

That’s when you have to look deeper within.

Listen to your soul’s calling and become a conscious co-creator of your destiny.


You are awakening!

It’s true, the famous quote.

You’re not a human being having a spiritual experience; you’re a spiritual being, having a human experience.

It’s so easy to be identified with your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your personal history. But you’re so much more than that!

Times of crisis, pain or discontent are the call of your own soul, asking you to remember who you really are. 

You are an extension of the Divine, pure source energy.

Before you came into this incarnation, your soul aspect made important decisions and agreements with other souls, laying out a plan for your life.

Do you have a sense of this greater plan unfolding in your life?  Are you in touch with the deeper meaning of your life’s experience?

Until you are able to connect with and more fully embody your soul aspect, you’ll have trouble finding your ground, your true purpose and joy in this life.

Puppet and Puppeteer

Perhaps as a child, you retained some memories of who you really are and what you experienced before coming into this life.

Many people who have near death experiences remember their non-physical aspect, experiences in past lives and the spiritual dimension, and can connect the dots in their lives. Many more, myself included, access this awareness freely, often through dreams, or through using specific tools and modalities, including various forms of spiritual practice, meditation and hypnosis.

Most of us forget. 

We come into this life and get so drawn into the mundane, 3D reality, that we think that’s all there is.

In truth, this manifest reality is merely a play of shadows. 

Existence far exceeds our limited thinking and sense perceptions, and the true beginnings of the narratives we play out in our lives exist on higher level of consciousness than most of us realize.

Forgetting who you really are, experiencing trauma, holding unresolved karma and emotional pain — all contribute to varying degrees of disconnection from your own source energy. You may feel lost, ineffective, lacking freedom and energy.

You become a puppet on a string.

Your greater, soul aspect, becomes the pupeteer, making decisions about the story and the movements of the character, pulling the strings this way and that. Your human, limited, disconnected self, flails about in a disjointed way, wondering what is going on and why it can’t move freely.

Eventually, you realize what’s happening and look for a better way to play the game.

No more puppet and puppeteer. 

Be whole again.

You are perfect and unique…

You are truly a blessing.

What I have seen psychically, working with thousands of clients and students, is that each one of us carries a unique vibration — a signature frequency, a soul song, or ray of light, if you like.

Your unique frequency signature translates as a quality of being that benefits others in some way.

Think of it as a special super-power that you can use, like a super-hero, in service to humanity.

It acts like a blessing, shifting the overall frequency and elevating the life experience of all those with whom you come into contact.

You hold this power within you, perfectly and uniquely, from birth.

You don’t have to work on it or improve it. You don’t have to grow into it. But you have to accept it and honour it.

It can be difficult to recognize and accept and your own gift.

Old memories, unresolved pain, soul contracts and karmic obligations that you have brought into this incarnation can get in the way, making it harder for you to know your own power and worthiness.

You may feel less capable, lacking in some fundamental way, and experience failure and frustration, despite your best efforts to make something of yourself and do something worthwhile in your life.

The rewards of living in harmony with your own signature energy elude you.

How aligned are you with your soul gift?

Are you embracing it, happily shining your light, or resisting it?

…and you have work to do!

You have more work to do, besides embodying and sharing your soul gift.

Before coming into this life, your soul has chosen certain life themes that it wishes to explore.

The more universal life themes, such as peace, connection, belonging, link you with larger soul groups and parts of the human collective that are all contributing to these themes.

Other, more specific themes and personal narratives, connect you with certain people, places, types of experience and relationship dynamics that you will likely encounter again and again, one lifetime after another.

Your earthly experience is a school for your soul.

One universal reason why you have chosen to incarnate is in order to learn how to modulate your consciousness and energy, your thoughts and emotions, in order to create your reality — individually and together with others, as part of the human, planetary and universal collective.

As you complete more life lessons, you expand your consciousness and deepen your presence.

You become a more complete, integrated being, contributing to the grand mandala of self-aware, self-initiating creation.

It’s an ambitious undertaking, and so you’re given plenty of assistance!

Your soul allies, on the physical and non-physical planes, include teachers, healers, guides, angelic and elemental beings, and the very laws of creation — including karma. 

Karma is your friend!

Karma is the law of cause and effect.

It is a mechanism that echoes back to you your mental and emotional output, your creative offering, with absolute balance and precision.

This way, you can learn from your own impact, gradually mastering the art of conscious co-creation.

When you act in loving and benevolent ways, you create positive karma, i.e. positive consequences.

When you act in loveless, hurtful ways, you create negative karma, i.e. negative consequences.

The specific intent and emotional charge behind your every thought, word and action sets the wheels into motion.

You are sowing karmic seeds every moment of every life.

Sooner or later, in this life or another, you will harvest exactly what you have sown.

There’s no getting away from karma: you carry it with you, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

A great opportunity.

Your soul comes into this life with a certain allocation of karma, personal, ancestral and collective, that it must complete.

Perhaps so far, you have been doing this the hard way, one dead end, sticky situation or emotional drama after another.

You may even have been adding to the accumulated negativity, digging an even deeper karmic hold for yourself.

Now, you can do it the easy way.

Through inner work, indentifying the karmic patterns and transmuting the intense emotions that keep them active in your life, you can learn from the past and lay it to rest.

Enhancing your awareness, embracing your soul gift, gaining clarity on your soul’s agenda for this life, you can accelerate your healing and growth on every level.

Will you commit to your soul’s purpose? Will you do the work to restore your energy and reclaim your freedom and integrity?

Will you join the wave of ascension on our planet, and help realize a more balanced and harmonious reality, inspired by unconditional love and unity consciousness?

Experience the transformation

John Burgos, Beyond the Ordinary

Elena makes healing past life experiences and the limitations they impose in our current reality simple to transform.

In all of my experience with different types of healing modalities and tools to elevate consciousness, I have come to know that this simplicity can only truly be translated by someone who has mastered their abilities.

I feel like a new version of myself has awakened. 

John Burgos, Beyond the Ordinary
Jonita D’souza, Exploring Femininity

I received downloads of how I am supposed to be showing up in the world and I have made more money in my business in the 7 weeks of our time together than in the whole year.

It all feels surreal, but also very real. I feel free to walk in my soul’s desires. There is a deeper sense of knowing that I am so divinely supported. 

I definitely feel that I have had a quantum jump.

Jonita D'souza, Exploring Femininity
Steve Nobel, The Soul Matrix

I had a wonderfully insightful energetic clearing session with Elena, where I was taken on a mythic journey through layers of old resistance and programs blocking my abundance and heart/love potential.

After the session, I really feel more alive, expanded, open and clearer to follow my true heart path. 

This was such a great gift, thank you, Elena.

Steve Nobel, The Soul Matrix

From cursed to blessed

Rolf was one of the first to work with me specifically in this way: clear karma and align with soul purpose.

His soul calling came through a crisis. 

He had lost hope, becoming bitter and angry. 

Through this work, Rolf discovered themes of unrequited love and self-doubt.

He worked diligently over a few months, clearing the blocks and aligning his energy with his healing gift and the people he came to serve.

Not only did he overcome the challenges, he came to realize a profound sense of purpose that stayed strong with him ever since.


I came to this work at a time of crisis. 

I had a string of bad luck for years. My business was suffering, I was in debt…

I thought I was cursed.

My main goal was to escape my misfortune.

Very quickly, as soon as we started the sessions, something shifted.

I had never experienced anything like it before. It was extremely impressive.

By the end of our sessions, everything had changed.

My business went through the roof!

I even had other companies reach out to me wanting to know my secret, wanting me to advise them!

Where I had no options before, now I have all these new opportunities. I’m much more confident about my purpose and I know that the work I do, my business, is right for me. It’s the right thing to do — not just for money.

The sessions brought back the enjoyment in what I do. How I help people.

It makes me very happy, to be able to serve.

Rolf Bösch


Healing and understanding

Violetta was very troubled, when she first came to me.

Every area of her life was badly affected by deep pain and injustice. 

Her relationships ended in disappointment and betrayal.

Estranged from her parents for years, Violetta had been unable to unpack traumatic experiences from this life, let alone the systemic trauma that she carried from her family, ancestry and past life history.

Her soul calling came in ceremony.

The experience was so terrifying, she knew it was time to face her shadows.

It wasn’t easy, but the learning and transformation more than paid off for her hard work!



Initially, I just wanted someone to explain about my journey and experience with Ayahuasca, because it didn’t make any sense to me and I was very scared.

Elena dove into my past lives, my karma, seeing myself, my aura and my energetic field. I remember being very interested about what I found out.

Previously, I had been reading a lot of books about spirituality and medicine plants, but I had a lot of questions with no-one to ask. 

There were things about my life that I couldn’t make sense of, but Elena explained everything to me and helped me to understand why things were happening.

It’s like a journey and I’m continually learning.

Elena helped me to move forward and I’ve been feeling like a different person ever since.

I see the world with different eyes. I notice changes as the days go by in how I react to things.

I had a lot of resentment towards my parents and what happened in the past…

I had distanced myself from them for about 15 years. Through the work with Elena, I managed to talk to my parents and tell them how I had been suffering and been in pain all these years.

I was able to open my heart and talk, and it was very liberating. They had been waiting for this talk my whole life, and it brought us closer.

I don’t feel resentment any more. I’ve forgiven them and see them with new eyes. 

I used to feel that I didn’t belong with this family and didn’t want anything to do with them. Now my perception has changed so much. I have learned so much about human beings and the mistakes we make, how we are as people and how we react because of our trauma. 

The more I understand, the more compassion I have to offer.

We also worked on my experience as a professional athlete when I was younger.

Gymnastics was my first love, but the way my career came to an end had left me so heartbroken and traumatised. 

I had never talked to anyone about it, not even my psychologist of two years, but it came up and we did some work on it.

I was able to see what had happened back then from a different perspective and to close that chapter in a good way, instead of having this anger still inside me.

In my romantic relationships, I’ve seen the patterns that I’ve had with men, my behaviours, where they’re coming from and why I’ve been behaving this way. We’ve cleared a lot of karma there.

I have big realisations all the time.

I make new connections of how things work, new understandings. Every session is unique and I learn something new.

I can navigate through life much better, moving forward.


Violetta Anestopoulou

Wellness Entrepreneur

Sacred partnership

In her heart, Arianna knew the meaning of sacred marriage.

A practitioner for many years, she was grounded and deeply attuned to her inner being.

Arianna was already sharing her gifts, both in her own right and together with her partner, Igor, but something was missing.

There was a level of presence and commitment that Arianna had yet to reach, both in herself and in her relationship.

Finally, the time came.

Our work together helped Arianna make progress with the book she was writing and, finally, said “yes” to marriage!

Arianna continues to deepen in love and presence, embodying the divine feminine and sharing her gifts abundantly.

What a blessing!




My partner and I were considering getting married after ten years, but we had both been married before, so we weren’t keen…

Elena found that I carried with me a weight around the contract and patriarchy, the concept of marriage itself as ownership, loss of freedom. 

I was able to process that, to trust more and open to the possibility of a spiritual union and confirmation of our devotion.

And we did! We got married in December.

It was very romantic and I feel so good about it.

Elena really showed us how we would be even stronger in the impact that we have with the people we need to meet.

Arianna Artioli

Feeling Sound

Balance and intuition

Basia is one of the most intelligent people I know!

Her strong analytical mind served her well in many situations, but got in the way of her embracing her deeper feelings and intuitive knowing. She had been unable to integrate deeply held pain from past experiences, and often succumbed to distressing, worrisome thoughts.

Through this work, Basia was able to process painful emotions and open up to her intuitive knowing.

She discovered she had a powerful soul gift for leadership, but her life themes also included softness and nurture.

Her newfound awareness and trust in her own internal guidance system helped Basia to find balance in her life.

She knew exactly what to do in any situation.

Pursuing her career dynamically, whilst tending to her marriage and family life with sensitivity allowed for greater happiness and fulfilment all round.


The problems were somehow cleared or solved and they didn’t feel so heavy and difficult in my life.

There was space for my relationship, my work and contact with other people…

A lot of things found their place in my life… I could see them more fully, from a different perspective, and understand them better.

My experience in the sessions with Elena gave me the confidence to trust myself better in what I feel and what I understand. 

There were many times that I felt something or saw something which she described exactly.

It was surprising, I would see the person and the situation and she described this person and situation before I did. 

So it really gave me the trust to believe in myself more, and what I feel and see.

This was a big thing.

Basia Bargiel

Business Executive and Coach

Family and the collective

It was Natasha’s compassionate heart that brought her to this work and an important piece of systemic healing.

Always loving and forgiving, she could not bear to see strife and division amongst her extended family.

What she witnessed made little sense, and nothing seemed to help.

It was time to look deeper.

What she discovered surprised her, but it made perfect sense.

The surface issues were brought about by a much older, historical event, that had imprinted strongly on her family — and many other families that were part of a larger collective.

Gaining insight into the karmic dimension of what was happening in her family, Natasha was able to approach her family members in a new way.

There was more peace in her heart again.


My family was going through something and I wondered why this was happening.

Why don’t they all grow up and see things from a bigger perspective?

Elena took me back to something way bigger than my family.

It was about the partition in 1947 — that’s what had brought people into a certain way of thinking. 

It brought such clarity to the situation and I could invite people to speak about it. 

Having that clarity of what the situation is about, where it’s coming from and then having something that you can do about it changes things. 

Now I don’t have that tension about it. My family is much more stable and much stronger.

I have less worries about things and I just know that they’re working out.

Natasha Chawla

Yoga Teacher and Author

Wonderful surprise!

I was surprised too, when I found I could freely access so much information across space and time!

It took the best part of a lifetime (and a lot of dedicated effort!) for me to be able to do what I do:

  • access information as far back as thirteen generations in any family system, in addition to past lives and many other dimensions of reality
  • see into the history and very essence of a soul
  • clear energetic blocks and release karma, almost in an instant.

For a long time, I have looked for a way to help others do what I can do.

Finally, the time has come!

I’m ready — and so are you!

The fact that you’re reading this tells me that you are ready to step up.

You too can hone your intuition, expand your awareness and develop the energetic ability to transform your life, as you release the past and pursue your true purpose with clarity, confidence and grace.

This is why I created this program.

This is why you are here.

Journey back home to your Self

Soul Purpose Unveiled: Your Unique Path to Happiness and Self-Realization is a spiritual healing and intuitive development program for holistic transformation.

This 12-week small-group intensive is designed to help you:

  • develop your intuition and psychic senses
  • transmute negative karma and heal your relationships
  • align with and manifest your soul’s mission and highest destiny

My “team” in spirit and I will be right there with you, so that you receive all the assistance and guidance you need, every step of the way.

We will work closely together using powerful mind-and heart-opening practices and healing modalities, including:

  • Dreamwork
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Meditation & Hypnosis
  • Quantum Energetics
  • Intuitive Healing
  • Breathwork & Embodiment Practices

Through weekly live sessions, extensive learning materials and ongoing exchange within the dedicated online forum, you can:

  • experience deep healing
  • accelerated growth
  • unprecedented empowerment

and lift off to a whole new experience of life — more joyful, loving and fulfilling than ever before.

A world of possibilities opens up for you, just as soon as you realize who you really are.

Soul Purpose Unveiled
Your Unique Path to Happiness and Self-Realization

Soul Purpose Unveiled: Your Unique Path to Happiness and Self-Realization is exactly that.

You are invited to discover your own truth, creativity and joy, your most authentic way of expressing the Divine Love that you are. This your path to true happiness and fulfilment. This your unique path to a life well-lived.

Teachings and practices are designed to support your journey of discovery, self-reflection and psychic exploration, spread over four modules that address the most crucial and influential forces shaping your life experience.

Content Outline

  • Decode your Soul’s plan for this life.
  • Soul Gifts and Divine Qualities from this life and other lives.
  • Inner Child.
  • Open your psychic vision.
  • Release resistance to purpose and joy.
  • Identify and resolve karmic patterns and soul contracts.
  • Sacred Masculine and Feminine.
  • The power of forgiveness.
  • Release unconscious negativity.
  • Multi-dimensional soul healing.
  • Cosmic forces, soul groups and collective purpose.
  • Spirit guides, angels, elementals and other entities.
  • Connect with spirit allies.
  • Release negative attachments, align and purify your energy.
  • A new vision.
  • Ascension and the new manifestation dynamics.
  • Energy mastery and embodiment.
  • Dreamwork for transformation and manifestation.
  • Open to the Divine and embrace the mystery.



These special transmissions and the Lessons that accompany them are designed to accompany specific stages of your journey.

Discover Your Soul Purpose: Activations

  • Soul Purpose Activation
  • Embody Your Vision Activation

Discover Your Soul Purpose: 7 Healing Journeys

  • Journey to Joy
  • Welcome Your Incarnation
  • Heal Your Connections
  • Akashic Records Healing
  • Rainbow Journey
  • The Temple of Wisdom
  • Perfect and Unique

Total duration: c. 6.5 hours


This recorded transmission works to dissolve the Heart Wall.

The Heart Wall is an energetic structure made up of unprocessed emotions.

It is acts as a defense mechanism against painful experiences, but it also blocks your expression, your ability to connect and to find happiness and success in life. It is a key contributor to:

  • poor experiences in relationship
  • lack of money and opportunity
  • low self-esteem
  • negative thoughts and emotions
  • loss of energy and vitality
  • frustrated efforts to improve your life

    No More Heart Wall! reverses the restriction and restores your energy, bring you back joy and lightness of being.

    You will find it easier to:

    • connect and enjoy intimacy
    • find new solutions and opportunities
    • enjoy more synchronicity with stronger intuition and sense of purpose

    Total duration: c. 40 minutes


    This recorded transmission helps you find forgiveness and experience deep healing, as you resolve sources of conflict and pain in your life.

    The Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian ritual for reconciliation.

    It acknowledges the Hermetic principle of Correspondence, simply expressed, “As above, so below, as within, so without”. 

    External struggles reflect inner ones. When you find inner healing and resolution, your external reality changes to reflect your newfound peace.

    More than simply reciting words, as this old ritual is often taught, you will be guided through an energetic process that takes you from pain to peace, love and gratitude.

    Total duration: c. 90 minutes.


    The first 6 to register receive a 12 Month Life Themes and Karmic Lessons Forecast.

    You will receive this psychic reading as an audio recording that highlights the key themes and karmic lessons that are activated for you in the coming months, providing you with valuable information to help you navigate important challenges, opportunities and choice points you’ll likely be presented with in the best possible way.

    Included with your 12 Month Life Themes and Karmic Lessons Psychic Reading is an Angelic Healing and Quantum Energetics transmission to support you in bringing about optimal outcomes.


    Registrations open: TBA

    Registrations close: TBA

    Program opens: TBA

    Learning materials: released every week inside a private School of Soul Alchemy membership area.

    Weekly live group online sessions on different days and times to accommodate different time zones and holidays.


    12 Weeks to Complete Soul-Alignment

    Seems like a deep dive? Yes, it is!

    And you can do it. This is how you can experience breakthroughs and advances in every area of life. Like Olivia.

    After a significant physical injury, I was internally guided for a re-direction in my life.

    I knew that there were deeper issues to look at and resolve, as I hadn’t manifested major outcomes in my life — particularly regarding my business, home environment and relationship.

    However, I didn’t feel like I could grasp these issues by myself, so I was looking for a coach in the spiritual field.

    This is where Elena came into my life.

    We went into unresolved energetic “shadows” and blocks that have been stuck in my system — whether it was from this life or past lives.

    Working with Elena majorly shifted my internal world and — slowly, but steadily — I’ve been able to notice shifts in my external reality as well.

    For the first time in my life, fears and blocks regarding major life topics dissolved, I gained more clarity and some things just fell into place.

    I was able to heal the relationship with my family, my mother in particular.

    By working through deeply rooted wounds and past life trauma with the help of Elena, I now bond and connect in a much deeper way with my mum and family.

    Even though I live a completely different lifestyle and have different values, I feel a sense of belonging in my family and deeper sense of love for them.

    My view and feelings in terms of my home environment have transformed.

    After moving from one place to another, not feeling rooted, feeling like I don’t belong, and always trying to “run away”, I was finally able to let go of this internal confusion, resistance, and search in the external.

    My sense of grounding has become stronger. First and foremost, I feel “at home” in my body.

    My physical health improved as I started to connect deeper with my feminine energy after decades of having lost touch with the creative & sexual life force energy within.

    I can feel more vitality, joy, and pleasure in my body again.

    I always felt like having a soul’s purpose — a deeper mission — here on earth. However, I haven’t had a clue on where to get started and what to do.

    I carried a lot of fear around going out with my truth and taking action on business registration (also because I did not have a solid home environment).

    Now, I have concrete plans, I have just registered my business, I found a beautiful soul-kindred partner and best friend, and gained so much more clarity on what to do next.

    I can now handle challenges with more ease and enjoy life to a much greater extent and I just can say “THANK YOU” to this beautiful angel Elena, who has supported me during a majorly dark time in my life.

    Anyone who is ready to dig deep, to face and let go of unhealed trauma and emotions, anyone who is ready to follow their highest good — I can recommend you work with Elena!

    Thank you!

    Olivia Bordonado

    Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

    2 Options to choose from

    Option 1

    Your plan includes

    Learning Materials and 12 Weekly Live Sessions

    Private Community Forum


    Option 2

    Your plan includes

    3 x 60 minute One-to-one Sessions


    Learning Materials and 12 Weekly Live Sessions

    Private Community Forum


    Join the Family!

    No more struggling alone! Together, we say goodbye to the paradigm of pain and embrace love as our guiding light. 

    Together, we form a circle of love. There is nothing that can stand in our way, when we unite in presence and focus our loving intent.

    If you’re new to working energetically together with others, the experience will amaze and delight you!

    What others say

    I’ve been doing these meditations many times now and I feel a big change in my life.

    I thought about it last time, when you asked me at the end how I feel, and I had to compare, how it was two months ago and how it is now. 

    I feel my eyes are more open, more bright. I set some healthy boundaries for me — not against any special person, around everyone. I need to have my space! A safe space for me. 

    I think it’s really beautiful that I can feel like this!

    I like that you like to move forward faster, get up on the highway and let’s go! I really enjoy it, because my burnout started ten years ago and I don’t want to wait another ten years before I feel well, so I really enjoy that we can move forward a little quickly.

    And last time, the healing, that was something special too. It felt like somebody lifted me up from the chair and then I was really calm. And then, when I went to bed, it felt like someone gave me some more healing. And it was really wonderful!

    So I really enjoy it, it has been amazing and I look forward to the sessions!


    It was very a transformative week. Last week’s was a very strong session. The meditation was very deep and relaxing. I think I lost control! It was a good thing! It was immersive. 

    The loving energy can help me find myself and get in touch with my true self, especially as we are going through some tough moments, collectively. 

    And the week before, after the session, I felt more concentrated, more focussed on my goals. I felt steadier. More centred. This was a very positive shift for me.


    Really nice to be here, I’m really happy to be able to join! I’m feeling great. The last few days were quite emotional for me. I felt a very powerful healing and releasing of a lot of old patterns and feelings. 

    I feel this is really preparing me for something new, for a new start. 

    The topic of “home” was also right on point. After the meditation I had this clarity that my home is in my heart, not in my physical space. We sometimes forget and look for that feeling outside. But this session reminded me, “I AM my home! Thank you!


    It was a lovely experience last week! The meditation was really deep and I came out of it so relaxed and so happy. 

    It was all about being strong… a beautiful, beautiful experience, so I’m looking forward to today’s session.


    The change that I feel since we’ve been having these meetings is I’m more open.

    I was always very tight, struggling with self-esteem, but now I feel I’m more open to people and to changes. I feel that good things are coming! 

    For me, it’s a very big achievement.


    It was great last week, the meditation was so relaxing and deep!

    Really look forward to tonight’s, feels very exciting!


    The meditation felt empowering and beautiful. 

    The music was soothing and put me into a dream state.


    Last week we were talking about the Heart Wall and I remember the feeling of holding something around my chest. Somehow, the work we did made me feel lighter. 

    Someone mentioned to me that I move differently!  I’m walking with more confidence. I saw this person a couple of days before we did this work and then, two days later, he couldn’t recognise me! He said to me, “Oh, I wasn’t sure it was you! You’re walking different!” 


    I’m very happy to see you again, Elena! I’m very pleased! I love the way you combined the music along with your voice. 

    The meditation, as a whole, felt very specific and important to me. It made very clear, what I have to change in my life. 

    All week, I’ve been working on this and making progress. The starting point was this session with you!


    I’ve been going through major changes and I think I’ve turned a corner. 

    I can’t thank you enough! I’m making movements towards my dreams, I’m doing better at work and I’m feeling deeply resilient.

    So, thank you!


    I felt some strong emotions coming out during the session. This last week, I’ve been very calm, not thinking about anything. 

    Something has definitely shifted. I felt shifts in previous sessions too. There’s definitely an energy you bring, it’s just amazing. 

    I feel much calmer, not thinking about other people or things, but just being happy, just being me. There’s so much to feel happy and grateful about…

    I feel the love and the abundance inside of me, I have so much to give!



    I’m still just amazed from the experience and feelings, this connectedness and love, and this oneness. 

    There’s a certain vulnerability, but it’s like a strength, and coming back to that connectedness is amazing. 

    Thank you very much, thank you to all!


    I have to say, last week’s was a very powerful meditation. I felt quite emotional, a sadness came over me. 

    I had a difficult day the next day, but I listened to the meditation again and I felt differently at the end of it. 

    Listening to the meditation again gave me a different perspective of the past. So, I’m looking forward to tonight, very much! 

    I really enjoy these sessions and I’m looking forward to tonight’s, new beginnings!


    Sign up today and experience the magic!

    I had a reading with Elena, which was very inspiring and touching.

    She really focusses on helping you move past the blocks in your life and bring you back to be aligned and content.

    She’s a very empathic and caring, I appreciate very much the way she dealt with difficult topics with respect, understanding and care.

    Ana Goretti Martínez Alonso 
    Ana Goretti Martínez Alonso

    “Elena’s accuracy as a psychic is truly impressive. 

    Time and again, she has provided insights that have proven to be spot-on, guiding me through challenges with remarkable precision.

    With her guidance, I’ve experienced numerous breakthroughs. Her ability to tune into the energies around me and offer clear, relevant guidance is remarkable. 

    I can highly recommend her!”

    Michelle Spieser 
    Michelle Spieser

    I have some good news: my home sold last night!

    The price was fairly close to what I had hoped to receive, but I was able to move the closing date up earlier. Investing the money earlier will make some of that up and it means I can close this chapter earlier, which I am more than ready for!

    I’m so deeply grateful to have found you, at this very profound moment in my journey. I wish I had the words to thank you properly.

    I just want you to know how hopeful and peaceful I feel in my heart today. It’s been a while.

    Debbie Faulkner 
    Debbie Faulkner

    Wonderful and on target.

    Highly recommend!

    Robin Delaware 
    Robin Delaware

    Powerful and very clear experience!

    Elena shares the information she accesses in a very loving and light way, making you feel safe and creating an amazing sense of expansion and clarity!

    Maria Crespo 
    Maria Crespo

    Be the change you have been seeking!

    My journey

    Ever since I can remember, I was close to the beyond.

    In the still of the night, I could hear the exquisite “music of the Angels”, as I used to call it. My dreams were vivid, full of wondrous adventures and pure joy.

    Even as a young child, I was aware of the power of my mind and I knew, without a doubt, that I am the creator of both my dreaming and waking reality.

    But why was I manifesting so much unhappiness and pain?

    Practically everyone around me was unhappy, one way or another.

    Many were tied to jobs they hated, just to pay the bills, or fulfil expectations. Others were unhappy in love — alone, going from one ill-fated relationship to another, or in some marriage of compromise and dysfunction.

    Friendships, homes, families were minefields, rather than peaceful havens for the soul.

    Music and mysticism became my refuge.

    They helped me reconcile my pained human experience with the exquisite Divine love, peace and joy that I knew intimately in my body, heart and mind.

    As soon as I saw an opportunity, I jumped at it.

    Life brought me a teacher. A teacher of music and mysticism.

    Before I knew it, I was already well on my way.

    Meditation and hypnosis proved to be powerful tools for self-discovery and healing.

    Aged twenty-one, I completed my very first training and started to use hypnosis on a daily basis. 

    I questioned my sense of identity and worked  diligently to de-condition myself from inherited beliefs and negativity.

    At the same time, I had the opportunity to test my intuitive and healing gifts, and found that they became all the stronger, as I replaced negative programs with positive ones.

    Truly, the mind can be your best friend or worst enemy!

    For several years, I kept up the good work, still deeply steeped in mysticism. Still, facing one’s darkest shadows is an arduous task. 

    As I approached my thirties, I persuaded myself that it was best to focus on practical matters.

    My musical career came first, followed by relationships. I tried to be more “normal”, hiding in convention.

    Then, everything changed.

    Death is the greatest teacher.

    My brother’s unexpected illness and death shocked the entire family. 

    I was plunged into a dark night of the soul.

    Psychically, I saw and felt my brother’s anguish, as his wounded soul pulled the plug on the incarnation. The very definition of a lost soul.

    It was heartbreaking and alarming.

    Time to get back on track.

    I embraced my soul purpose.

    I’d come to realize there is no time to waste. I resolved to get crystal clear on my true purpose for this life as a matter of urgency.

    It only took a moment.

    The vision I received, as I listened to a soul purpose meditation, was a complete surprise. Nothing to do with music!

    I didn’t understand what it meant, or what I was supposed to do. But it felt deeply authentic.

    I made a promise.

    I promised to stay true to my soul mission and fulfil it — as long as I was given all the guidance and assistance in order to do so.

    Universe listened.

    Almost instantly, I entered a world of daily magic.

    Everything happens for a reason!

    Do you notice the synchronicities in your life?

    If you pay attention, you’ll realize there’s a reason and a timing for everything. Including this very moment. You, here, now.

    As soon as I consciously set on my soul journey, I started to notice an abundance of intuitive nudges and synchronicities every single day, 

    I was led to one life-changing encounter after another. Travelling widely, I was guided to study with spiritual teachers, healers, shamans and mystics from all corners of the world.

    My psychic senses became stronger still after my Kundalini awakening. Past life memories started to return. My dreams became powerful vehicles for ancestral healing and soul retrieval, as well as important soul encounters and messages from spirit.

    Over the next couple of decades, I left my musical career behind and devoted myself completely to my spiritual path. I trained extensively in Tantric, Taoist, Toltec, Bön Buddhist and other shamanic and non-dual spiritual traditions and practices, dreamwork, quantum energetics, as well as other healing and coaching modalities, including NLP, hypnosis and cognitive behavioural  hypnotherapy, sharing my constantly expanding knowledge, psychic awareness and energetic mastery with thousands of people all over the world.

    The transformations and breakthroughs that occur when you work with the greater part of you, the being that extends well beyond your physical body and ordinary awareness, are simply extraordinary.

    Are you ready to heal the past?

    Claim your freedom and sovereignty?

    Be extraordinary?

    Be extraordinary, starting today

    “Elena’s accuracy as a psychic is truly impressive. 

    Time and again, she has provided insights that have proven to be spot-on, guiding me through challenges with remarkable precision.

    With her guidance, I’ve experienced numerous breakthroughs. Her ability to tune into the energies around me and offer clear, relevant guidance is remarkable. 

    I can highly recommend her!”

    Michelle Spieser 
    Michelle Spieser

    The rest of the day after our meeting, I felt an openness I haven’t felt in a very long time. I was excited to be alive, got caught in the rain with my pup and laughed and danced, and then was able to recreate an entire song without distraction (which hasn’t happened in over a year!).

    I physically feel my heart opening and refusing to close even when my fears start to threaten me… Thank you for creating such a safe and loving space because I definitely could not have felt this way without you all.


    My personal healing tends to take the form of physical pain release; which is not always easy. Elena guided me through this, her words and energetic presence gave me perspective and changed some of the narratives I was carrying.

    I feel I have learned a lot from her over the years, none of which I could elucidate as gracefully as she deserves in words. I am very grateful for what Elena does for people.

    I now feel incredibly motivated to work towards my life’s aspirations, with many more tools in my belt. I am free. 


    My biggest takeaway from the session was that we are more powerful that we really think we are and with the right guidance we can discover the true colours of our souls.

    We just need the courage to let go of old beliefs and mental constructs that hold us back and have faith that these will be alchemised into new nourishing and creative states of being.


    There is something inspiring about meeting someone who follows their passion and creates the lifestyle they want by connecting to centre and manifesting what they need.

    After spending some time with Elena Angel, I get the feeling she is one such person and her work is designed to help the rest of us tap in to the right energy and do the same for ourselves.

    Ian Marshall, journalist 
    Ian Marshall, journalist

    Don’t miss out! Get started today.


    How is this program delivered? Is it all online?

    All sessions take place online and all materials are delivered online.

    Live sessions take place on Zoom and learning materials (video, audio, text) are published online inside a private School of Soul Alchemy membership area.

    After you’ve signed up, you will receive instructions on how to log into the memberhip area and access the program content.

    All of this is easy to do on your desktop, laptop or other mobile device.

    When you sign up, you will find the Welcome section and No More Heart Wall! Bonus unclocked.

    Each week, more content will be unlocked, so that you have a clear path to follow over our twelve weeks together.

    If you are one of the dirst eleven to join, you will also be invited to the Bonus Live Session: The Power of Eleven and will subsequently have access to the recording.

    I’m not sure I can make the live sessions. Can I still attend without missing out?


    All the content will be made available online, so that you can access it any time and as many times as you like.

    The beauty of energetics is that it works outside of space and time, so you will gain all the benefits any time you watch and listen to the recordings. 

    We will schedule the additional one-to-one sessions that come with Option 2 at a time that suits you. 

    Througout the program, you can easily communicate with myself and other students inside the dedicated membership area, so that you are always well-connected and supported.

    Who is this program aimed at? Do I need to have any particular experience in order to make the most of it?

    This program is for you, if you have an interest in spirituality and want to learn how to work with consciousness and energy to experience healing, develop yourself and improve your life.

    The program addresses universal themes in a way that you can apply to your specific circumstances and needs.

    The main catalyst for healing and transformation is the energetic transmission offered through the learning materials, live sessions and recordings.

    I invite you to bring your intentions to each session, so that you derive exactly what you need to move forward in your life from where you are.

    Every time you engage with the content, watch and listen to the recordings, you will discover new insights and access new dimensions of your being.

    As your circumstances change and you bring new intentions, you will derive new, rich and diverse benefits.

    How does this program compare to private sessions? Will I get the same benefits?

    Private sessions are tailored to your specific circumstances and intentions and offer you very detailed psychic readings, in addition to guidance and energetics.

    Group sessions, on the other hand, offer the advantage of the group field, which is very supportive and adds energy to your intentions, so that you are better able to manifest them into your life. 

    This program additionally offers you a wealth of learning materials, as well as the live online group sessions and ongoing support inside the dedicated membership area.

    With Option 2, you can enjoy the full range of benefits: all the magic of group sessions and wealth of tools and knowledge of the learning resources, plus additional one-to-one session time for personal insights and focussed attention on specific areas of personal interest.

    Have another question?

    I’m here for you

    The journey we go on together is a deep dive.

    Fears and resistance will inevitably come up — and you’ll have to face them!

    There are so many forces that want you to stay small and in pain. Don’t give in!

    I’m here to help you.

    All of us, together, strengthen our resolve and raise our energy to transform the paradigm of pain within us, in our lives, for the benefit of all humanity.

    Together, we amplify our joy and creative power. We build a strong foundation of love, connection and trust, and become a powerful force for positive change.

    As beloved Ram Dass put it:

    “You and I are the force for transformation in the world.

    We are the consciousness that will define the nature of the reality we are moving to.”

    Will you join the call?

    I sincerely hope so, and look forward to our journey together! 

    With love, Elena x

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