Wish you had some answers? 

Wish you knew the deeper reasons why your business, relationships, health, home, money situation… are the way they are?

Wonder what may lie ahead? Which direction to go in? How to make the right decision in a tricky situation?

I’m certainly keen to know.

I’ve always been a seeker of answers, wisdom, truth.

It’s a phenomenal drive to perceive, to know and understand more, unravel the mysteries of life itself.

And here I am, an intuitive channel. Psychic.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Clients and students bring all kinds of questions to me.

Questions about love interests. Work challenges. Health issues. Money problems.

You want to know what’s really going on with that difficult friend, relative or neighbour. Make sense of significant events, especially when there’s been pain or loss. Heal the past, connect with loved ones who have passed away.

Together, we explore. 

We may discover past life connections with certain people. Ancestral energies governing home, work and money. Unhealed pain behind the health challenges.

We look at the karmic causes of present situations. You have the possibility to connect with loved ones on the soul level. Sometimes, we uncover old vows, promises and agreements, and dissolve soul contracts that are getting in your way.

And then, it gets more fun!

I help you recognise your soul’s purpose, unique gifts and qualities, as well as specific challenges and life themes for this present incarnation.

We might go on to explore other lives and dimensions, benefiting from the wisdom of higher consciousness and the Akashic records, assisted by spiritual allies, higher-dimensional healers and mentors.

As the saying goes, knowledge gives you wings!

So then, what would you like to know?

I’m delighted to offer you a very special new session — only available during this festive season, as part of a suite of new offers to celebrate Christmas and the New Year:

Soul Alchemy Online Session (2 hours)

Use code XMAS for CHF 75 off until the 6th January 2023.

We’ll connect on Zoom (or WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, or one of those…) and spend a couple of hours exploring one or more topics of your choice, looking at hidden energies, the soul aspect, challenges and opportunities, and ways to optimise future outcomes.

The psychic reading included in this session will give you great new insights and perspectives to assist you in your healing and growth, as well as in important decision making. 

Also included in your Soul Alchemy Session is a gentle, quantum healing segment, intended to bring you back to centre and ease your way forward, as you take action to manifest your highest destiny.

After your session, you’ll receive comprehensive notes and (optionally) a video and/or audio recording of your session for future reference.

Click here to secure one or more Soul Alchemy Online Sessions (discount applied until the 6th January 2023).

Quite possibly the best gift you can offer yourself and your loved ones this holiday season!

Insights. Answers. Expanded awareness.

And a great boost of energy!

Once you’ve completed your purchase, I’ll e-mail you a confirmation and a link to book your appointment.

Too busy for sessions right now? No problem.

These Soul Alchemy Online Sessions will only be offered for a limited time, but once you’ve secured yours, you can take it up anytime up until the end of February.

Wonder what to expect?

Here’s a short extract from a testimonial by Natasha, who was looking for insight around “sticky”, difficult situations in her life:

“I began doing sessions with Elena when I was going through something really quite sticky, a situation I’d never been in, I just didn’t know what to do.

Because I’d never experienced Elena’s work before, I thought that it probably wasn’t going to help my situation, but it really helped.

It helped me to see things from a different angle. It put things into perspective and I could let go of the worry.

All of my sessions have uncovered something different, given me a new perspective or a new way forward, and it’s always been in a positive way…

I was in a really bad accident a couple of years ago — which was actually why I did the first session.

It wasn’t my fault, there was no intent behind it, it was just an accident, but it was a really serious one.

I wanted to know why this had happened.

Was there karma with these people? You, know, those nagging questions, and so many other things were happening too.

When we worked on this, it was such a new and different perspective: I would never have looked at it like that and it would have continued to bug me.

But I got closure and clarity about it and that was a real a-ha moment, because it was something I needed to drop.”

Click here to read the rest of Natasha’s testimonial, along with many more from clients and students.

Sounds good? Book your Soul Alchemy Online Session today!

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