Rebecca Pillsbury is an author and speaker, whose mission is to inspire women, especially, to discover themselves anew and write their own stories, as they embody more of their pleasure and joy.

Rebecca attended one of my special sessions, “The Soulmate Experience”, presented at the Mind, Body Spirit Festival in London.

Guess what happened?

Not long after, she met her soulmate!

Rebecca was no stranger to spirituality, personal development and conscious relating, but the experience she had during my special Soulmate Connections session put her in the right state and frame of mind.

The talk and the exercises we did, especially eye-gazing, reminded her of what it means to be with a soulmate and how it feels to connect soul to soul.


She soon attracted – and recognised! — the man of her dreams, her Beloved.

Rebecca wrote and told me the full story in a letter, included in my client Testimonials.

Ready for new love?

Work with me to open the way to a wonderful new soulmate connection: get in touch to request a discovery call.

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