Quantum Leap 


Quantum Leap | Online Meditation & Energy Work Session

Edited replay of the live session, recorded on Monday, 24th April 2023.

“Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.”

— Margaret Shepard

To the ordinary mind, life is a linear progression, just like a storyline. And some things are simply impossible. There’s no access, answer or solution in sight.

The storyline just doesn’t allow for it.

In such cases, the wise thing may be to accept what is and make the best of it.

One last option is a leap of faith.

In this special, quantum energetics session, we take a leap of faith into a world of infinite possibilities.

Perhaps you’ll experience a flash of inspiration; deeper resolve; the touch of Grace.

Perhaps the simple process of observing a new reality, matching your frequency and stepping into it will do the trick and get you onto a new storyline.

Set an intention and find out!

00:00 – Introduction and preparation

08:45 – Guided process

Total duration: 36:35

Enjoy watching and listening, share your experience with Elena Angel and members of your Soul family over at the School of Soul Alchemy!

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“Amazing! I’m still just amazed from the experience and feelings, this connectedness and love, and this oneness… coming back to that connectedness is amazing. Thank you…”


I listened to you on the flow! summit and was amazed by the meditation at the end…

It was special, I felt good… somehow angelic.”

Petra Mahler

“The loving energy can help me find myself and get in touch with my true self, especially as we are going through some tough moments, collectively.

And the week before, after the session, I felt more concentrated, more focussed on my goals. I felt steadier. More centred. This was a very positive shift for me.


This morning my energy was low. I was not able to meditate.

After I saw your introduction and listened to your meditation, my energy was unusually high — even a few hours later. 


Vladimiro Imhof

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I listened to the meditation, but I'm not sure what to make of what I experienced. Can you help?

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