Soul (Akashic) Readings

Bring your questions for an extensive and profoundly life-changing psychic reading.

You may explore any area of your life — work, home, family, health, money, relationships — and look at specific people and situations, as well as broader themes that are active in your life. This is especially valuable, if you want more clarity, perspective and intuitive guidance to help you overcome challenges and move forward with confidence.

In addition, accessing the Akashic Records gives you deeper insight into your unique soul purpose, qualities and special gifts, key life themes and soul connections relevant to this incarnation, past / parallel lives and other aspects of your multi-dimensional Self.

This is especially valuable if you want to deepen your understanding, activate latent potential and elevate your life experience through the process of conscious ascension.

Your Soul Reading offers you a wonderful opportunity to connect with your spirit guides, angels and other “spiritual allies”, who are ready to offer their guidance and support.

Finally, you may like to connect with loved ones “on the other side”.

Connecting with your loved one on a soul level allows you to gain new perspective on your shared experiences, find healing and reconciliation, and grow your awareness and appreciation of the life “beyond”.

Soul (Akashic) Readings take place online (audio or video call). They include written notes and/or a recording of your session.

Powerful and very clear experience!

Elena shares the information she accesses in a very loving and light way, making you feel safe and creating an amazing sense of expansion and clarity!

Maria Crespo, Consultant 
Maria Crespo, Consultant

Wonderful and on target.

Highly recommend!

Robin Delaware 
Robin Delaware

I have some good news: my home sold last night!

The price was fairly close to what I had hoped to receive, but I was able to move the closing date up earlier. Investing the money earlier will make some of that up and it means I can close this chapter earlier, which I am more than ready for!

I’m so deeply grateful to have found you, at this very profound moment in my journey. I wish I had the words to thank you properly.

I just want you to know how hopeful and peaceful I feel in my heart today. It’s been a while.

Debbie Faulkner 
Debbie Faulkner

Soul Alchemy Sessions

Find happiness in life, career and relationships with karmic clearing and multi-dimensional healing.

This session offers you everything that is included in a Soul (Akashic) Reading plus:

  • Family, Ancestral, Past Life, Multi-dimensional Karmic Clearing & Healing

The psychic reading part of the session reveals key root causes of present-life situations, usually connected with family, ancestral and past-life experiences and unhealed trauma.

What follows is a process of karmic clearing and multi-dimensional healing.

This allows you to release or transform the troublesome energies, so that you can experience tangible shifts in every area of your life.

This is very deep shadow work undertaken in the lightest, most graceful manner possible.

The freedom and creative space releasing karmic debts and bonds offers you is invaluable.

The lightness and freedom you can experience, sometimes even after a single session, is incomparable.

  • Quantum Energetics

Your Soul Alchemy session closes with a unique channeled transmission which addresses additional known and unknown causes of pain and misfortune, helping you to shift even more and optimise future outcomes.

Importantly, this powerful segment helps you to process and integrate all of the work completed faster and more easily, reset your energy and shift to a new reality.

Ending the session with a Quantum Energetics segment simply leaves you feeling reborn.

Soul Alchemy Sessions take place online (audio or video call). The include written notes and/or a recording of your session.

Elena makes healing past life experiences and the limitations they impose in our current reality simple to transform.

In all of my experience with different types of healing modalities and tools to elevate consciousness, I have come to know that this simplicity can only truly be translated by someone who has mastered their abilities.

I feel like a new version of myself has awakened. 

John Burgos, Beyond the Ordinary 
John Burgos, Beyond the Ordinary

I received downloads of how I am supposed to be showing up in the world and I have made more money in my business in the 7 weeks of our time together than in the whole year.

It all feels surreal, but also very real. I feel free to walk in my soul’s desires. There is a deeper sense of knowing that I am so divinely supported. 

I definitely feel that I have had a quantum jump.

Jonita D'souza, Exploring Femininity 
Jonita D'souza, Exploring Femininity

I had a wonderfully insightful energetic clearing session with Elena, where I was taken on a mythic journey through layers of old resistance and programs blocking my abundance and heart/love potential.

After the session, I really feel more alive, expanded, open and clearer to follow my true heart path. 

This was such a great gift, thank you, Elena.

Steve Nobel, The Soul Matrix 
Steve Nobel, The Soul Matrix

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