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Our journey together begins with intentions.

What is it you want to achieve?

What would you like to change in your life?

What do you want to bring into your life?

Using my psychic gifts and energetic mastery, I help you to: 

  • gain clarity around your purpose and values
  • release blocks, limitations and negative karma that hinder you
  • restore your energy and create your destiny.

Whether you come to me as an individual, a family, or an organisation, we will set clear intentions and work consistently, so that you see tangible results in those areas.

My partner and I were considering getting married after 10 years, but we had both been married before, so we weren’t keen… then I did a session with Elena. 

Elena found that I carried with me a weight around the contract and patriarchy, the concept of marriage itself as ownership, loss of freedom. 

I was able to process that, to trust more and open to the possibility of a spiritual union and confirmation of our devotion. 

And we did! We got married in December.

It was very romantic and I feel so good about it, I’m really glad we did — especially now with the virus, I feel this union is also legal and I’m loving it.

Elena really showed us how we would be even stronger in the impact that we have with the people we need to meet.

Arianna Artioli, Feeling Sound

The holistic nature of this form of spiritual healing and coaching means that you will also see benefits in other areas of your life, often in ways you had not expected.

Most of the people I’ve worked with report:

  • enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem
  • stronger intuition, perception and empathy
  • beneficial developments occurring without effort or synchronistically

and generally enjoy a more positive outlook and greater satisfaction in their life. 

When we started the work, the problems were somehow cleared or solved and they didn’t feel so heavy and difficult in my life.

There was space for my relationship, my work and contact with other people… 

I think that in general, a lot of things found their place in my life after those sessions and I could see them more fully, from a different perspective, and understand them better.

My experience in the sessions with Elena gave me the confidence to trust myself better in what I feel and what I understand. 

There were many times that I felt something or saw something which she described exactly.

It was surprising, I would see the person and the situation and she described this person and situation before I did. 

So it really gave me the trust to believe in myself more, and what I feel and see. This was a big thing that I got from the sessions.

Basia Bargiel, HR Executive

An area that often comes up in spiritual coaching sessions is family and ancestral karma.

This work is uniquely suited to address systemic family issues, revealing the hidden root causes of difficult dynamics, long-standing issues, and crises occurring in your family.

As we release inherited energies and negative karma, you are able to make peace with your past and restore balance in your family system.

An issue would be bugging me, for example, when my family was going through something and I wondered what this was happening. Why don’t they all grow up and see things from a bigger perspective?

Elena took me back to something way bigger than my family. It was about the partition in 1947 — that’s what had brought people into a certain way of thinking. 

It brought such clarity to the situation and I could invite people to speak about it. 

Having that clarity of what the situation is about, where it’s coming from and then having something that you can do about it changes things. 

Now I don’t have that tension about it.

My family is much more stable and much stronger. I have less worries about things and I just know that they’re working out. It gives me assurance

Natasha Chawla, So Hum Studios

Many people seek the benefits of this form of holistic energy healing and spiritual coaching because of:

  • shocking, distressing events, such as a serious accident or loss of a loved one
  • transcendental experiences and spiritual crises
  • synchronistic events that make them want to explore spirituality.

My intuitive sessions offer a warm, safe container for strong experiences to be shared and integrated. You will find the reassurance and guidance you need to grow and develop yourself in the way you’re called to. 

Our working relationship will deepen and grow with time, and you may choose to progress to a longer-term mentorship program or a spiritual healing course.

It’s been almost a year that we’ve been doing work together and I really love it! There have been so many changes and shifts in my life because of the sessions with Elena.

Initially, I just wanted someone to explain about my journey and experience with Ayahuasca, because it didn’t make any sense to me and I was very scared.

In the first session, she just started doing the work right away.

She dove into my past lives, my karma, seeing myself, my aura and my energetic field. I remember being very interested about what I found out.

Previously, I had been reading a lot of books about spirituality and medicine plants, but I had a lot of questions with no-one to ask. 

There were things about my life that I couldn’t make sense of, but Elena explained everything to me and helped me to understand why things were happening.

It’s like a journey and I’m continually learning. I had another session today and even now, a whole year later, I made yet another connection of how things work and I was like, “Oh, wow! It took me a whole year to get to this point!” 

I had a lot of karma from my family — I had a bit of a troubled childhood and there were things that happened at a very young age.

I had a lot of resentment towards my parents and what happened in the past… 

I had distanced myself from them for about 15 years. Through the work with Elena, I managed to talk to my parents and tell them how I had been suffering and been in pain all these years.

I was able to open my heart and talk, and it was very liberating. They had been waiting for this talk my whole life, and it brought us closer.

I don’t feel resentment any more. I’ve forgiven them and see them with new eyes. 

I used to feel that I didn’t belong with this family and didn’t want anything to do with them. Now my perception has changed so much. I have learned so much about human beings and the mistakes we make, how we are as people and how we react because of our trauma. 

The more I understand, the more compassion I have to offer.

Violetta Anestopoulou, Marketing Expert & Entrepreneur

Businesses and organisations seek out my help in matters of structure, strategy, contractual agreements, sales and purchases, group-dynamics and physical assets.

As a representative of an organisation, a team leader, business owner, partner or executive, I work with you to overcome challenges and find creative solutions to problems. I clear energetic blocks, intuit and optimise possible futures outcomes, and help you make the best decisions.

If there are issues with specific people, products or services, I identify and clear negative energies and karmic imprints, and restore alignment with the highest good of all involved.

Thanks to my personal interest and extensive training over the past six years, I am able to bring in additional expertise in the area of marketing, branding and messaging.

I particularly enjoy working with other professionals in the field of holistic and energy healing, who often find it hard to communicate what they do in a way that is authentic and relatable.

Designing your brand identity and marketing strategy is a wonderful opportunity to do the deep Soul work needed to bring your work to the next level.

Through our work together, you can align every aspect of your business with your true purpose and contribution to humanity. By removing obstacles and confidently projecting your message to the world, you are able to grow your business and enter a whole new world of fulfilment and creativity.

Elena has utilized her experience and abilities in multiple arenas to help me shift areas where I have been blocked.

In the past, I have been very resistant to doing sales and marketing. And I have consistently struggled to write messages that people will actually read.

Elena helped me look at my messages from the perspective of the reader, and demonstrated how to change my writing to be more inviting and engaging.

Then she identified and cleared other-lifetime experiences that contributed to these blocks holding me back from being successful. 

In recent weeks, associated with improvements in my newsletter, I was seeing better numbers. 

In our last session, we talked about how to get people to engage with my content, and offering them a gift in return. For my latest blog, I talked about life purpose and Human Design. I said that if they request their Human Design chart, I would tell them something about their purpose. 

In the following days, I had greatly increased engagement and chart requests. Plus more people requested information about readings, because I added a check box for this on the chart-information form.

Thank you for helping me, Elena!

Sandra Lee, Human Design Specialist & Biofield Tuning Practitioner

I came to this work at a time of crisis. 

I had a string of bad luck for years. My business was suffering, I was in debt… I thought I was cursed.

My main goal was to escape my misfortune. I turned to many other practitioners before coming to Elena, but nothing worked. I was very angry, losing hope. I didn’t think I could do anything to change my situation.

Very quickly, as soon as we started the sessions, something shifted. I wasn’t sure exactly how, but I could definitely feel it.

I was very impressed with the detailed way in which Elena does the energetic clearing.

I had never experienced anything like it before. It was extremely impressive.

By the end of our sessions, twelve in total, everything had changed.

My business went through the roof!

I even had other companies reach out to me wanting to know my secret, wanting me to advise them!

Where I had no options before, now I have all these new opportunities. I’m much more confident about my purpose and I know that the work I do, my business, is right for me. It’s the right thing to do — not just for money.

The way Elena works is very methodical, but I don’t believe it’s the method that does the healing. It’s a presence, a force behind it.

I think there is a strong Angelic presence working behind the structure. Elena keeps your mind busy, whilst something else is working on the problem.

She is clearing one thing after another, talking, explaining, but the healing, the transformation happens underneath the talking, the structure.

The sessions brought back the enjoyment in what I do. How I help people.

It makes me very happy, to be able to serve.

What more can I say? Elena is a Grand Master! I would absolutely recommend her work.

Rolf Bösch, Entrepreneur

All private programs, whether for:

  • yourself
  • yourself and your partner or other family members
  • your business, team or organisation

begin with a complimentary discovery call via Zoom.

During this call, you will have the opportunity to tell me more about your areas of interest and I will happily answer any questions about the work.

In addition, you will receive an initial psychic reading, which helps us gauge the likely scope of our work together.

Following our conversation, I will be able to recommend the program that best suits your requirements and we can then look at logistics of sessions.

You’re most welcome to e-mail me, tell me more about your interest and request a complimentary discovery call.

Want to find out more?

I am writing you an email to share with you the successful interview, for the job we talked about on Wednesday.

After our meeting, the next day I was called by the owner to schedule an appointment with the HR and manager. 

The interview was successful and they think I am a good fit to their team. I applied your advice — that empowered me and helped so much. They appreciated my honesty and my desire to learn and grow.

I wanted to thank you from all my heart, you made this possible. You made it possible to attract in my life what I have been asking for a long time. 

You took a big heaviness and blockage and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be in control of my life, experience happiness and growth, opportunity for a beautiful relationship.

I will start the job in 4 weeks, so we can see each other for the next appointment at the time and date we scheduled.

I love you and God bless you!

Crina, fashion and design

I was in a really bad accident a couple of years ago — which was actually why I did the first session.

It wasn’t my fault, there was no intent behind it, it was just an accident, but it was a really serious one.

I wanted to know why this had happened. 

Was there karma with these people? You, know, those nagging questions, and so many other things were happening too. 

When we worked on this, it was such a new and different perspective: I would never have looked at it like that and it would have continued to bug me. 

But I got closure and clarity about it and that was a real a-ha moment, because it was something I needed to drop. 

This work can be really useful in big and heavy situations, in order to get a new perspective.

Natasha Chawla, So Hum Studios

My primary motivation behind working with Elena was to understand my emotional journey as a human and make peace with it.

I had a number of questions and needed a like-minded individual to resolve these.

I wasnt sure if I could trust” and whether I would gain anything out of seeing someone, given my strong spiritual practice.

My experience working with Elena was very refreshing and stimulating.

Elena is a very instinctual guide. She is easy to talk to and can assimilate a number of philosophies while guiding one through their own internal journey.

We were able to discuss a number of philosophies and her strong instincts guided me in the right direction to resolving my inner conflicts.

I felt comfortable talking to her; and the reading and practices suggested by her were extremely relevant for my life.

My sessions with Elena allowed me to expand on  my personal study of philosophy and spirituality and understand the fabric of our existence better.

I was able to find direction on how to deal with childhood scars and understand how these could be affecting me as an adult, and most importantly how I could heal them.

Following my work with Elena, I am more relaxed about drama and more in love with myself. I am healing my wounds. I also notice that I am more forgiving.

A very grounding experience, Elena met me at the right time in my life!

Mieko, author

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