Elena Angel is a modern-day mystic, spiritual teacher and coach. 

A gifted intuitive, Elena uses her psychic gifts and energetic mastery to help you release blocks and find true fulfilment in life by realizing your true, soul’s purpose. 

Elena created the School of Soul Alchemy as a learning and community resource for spiritual seekers and change-makers looking to master the art of co-creation and make a bigger impact in a spirit of love, joy and soulful connection.

In talks and workshops, Elena shares personal stories, mystical insights and sources of inspiration. Her love of music and sound show in her eclectic playlists and immersive guided meditations.

Besides reading, writing, music, film, dance and photography, Elena enjoys long walks and tending to her numerous houseplants — a small nod to her vision of biophilic design in urban architecture.

Writing and speaking


Elena has been featured extensively in the UK press (The Sunday Times, GQ, Psychologies, OMYoga, Natural Health, Soul& Spirit, Spirit & Destiny), as well as in online publications and podcasts.

She welcomes invitations to present or comment on:

  • Spirituality and the evolution of human consciousness
  • Psychic development, intuition and creativity
  • Dreamwork and conscious dreaming practices for healing and transformation
  • Past lives, karma and destiny
  • Healing ancestral and family pain
  • Soul purpose, soul contracts and soulmate relationships
  • Sacred sexuality and conscious relationships
  • Emotional health, self-worth and self-esteem
  • Meditation and energetics as tools for life
  • The important role of women and the “New Feminine Emergence” in our world

I found the talk genuine, as Elena shared her personal experiences without reserve. 

It is the authenticity and sincerity that propel my curiosity towards a desire to know even more!

Huiwen Wu, WeClustr



Online Webinars and Interactive Sessions


Tantra and the Kitchen Sink, London Tantra Festival, October 2015

Podcast Interviews


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