No More Heart Wall!

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A gift for more love, happiness and abundance

Open to more love, happiness and abundance by dissolving the Heart Wall!

The Heart Wall is a defensive mechanism: an energetic barrier that you, yourself, create on a certain level of mind, in an effort to prevent yourself from feeling unwanted life experiences and difficult emotions.

Unfortunately, the Heart Wall also prevents you from enjoying the best in life and is a major contributor to: 

  • poor experiences in relationship
  • lack of money and opportunity
  • low self-esteem
  • negative thoughts and emotions
  • loss of energy and vitality
  • frustrated efforts to improve your life

No More Heart Wall!

Working with No More Heart Wall! will help you dissolve the compacted energies that make up your Heart Wall and restore openness and flow, so that you can:

  • connect with others more easily
  • feel lighter and more joyful
  • find new solutions and get unstuck
  • enjoy more synchronicity
  • have a stronger sense of your purpose

Use the recording regularly to prevent new emotional build-up and keep your Heart open and bright!

About your guide

Elena Angel is a modern-day mystic, psychic healer, intuitive channel and spiritual guide, founder of the School of Soul Alchemy.

Elena has a special gift for releasing karma and hidden negative energies, helping you to connect with your soul purpose, heal your relationships and manifest your vision.

You’re welcome to get in touch and share about your experience, or go for a deeper dive with Soul Readings and Soul Alchemy.

Meeting Elena has changed my life.

I started working with her driven by surface situations and she opened up the space for so much knowledge about myself, my true self and all the things that were blocking me.

She is a powerful intuitive healer, speaking from a place of truth and releasing the heavy energy, the entanglements that make things so difficult to change.

She is very dedicated, grounded, wise, loving and joyful, holding the space for a true alchemy of the soul. I consider her one of the spiritual leaders in the world and I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

Anca Protesanu 
Anca Protesanu

I found Elena at a time when I had many questions about the spiritual world, my life’s purpose, and was also going through a lot of pain.

She has taught me about forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love, and joy. Our work together, spanning around three years, has been pivotal in transforming my life.

It helped me recognize myself as an energy healer, and what I learned from her during our sessions has had a profound impact on what I do today.

I highly recommend her work. Her vision of life, exceptional psychic abilities to perceive what many of us cannot, and her remarkable talent for healing past lives, karma, and heart walls are invaluable.

Lina Ruiz 
Lina Ruiz

I leave every session feeling lighter, more expanded, and deeply connected to my soul.

The process is so gentle, very specific and extremely powerful… The clarity for my life that follows is genuinely remarkable.

My connection to my soul has expanded greatly and my life in all areas has become clearer, filled with more ease and flow, and a deep inner peace of knowing I am following my soul’s purpose.

Acting through on my soul’s purpose also feels more effortless and fun! Thank you Elena for sharing your gifts and being such an incredible light worker in the world.

Nami Osakabe 
Nami Osakabe

Elena is an incredible guide, healer and channel.

Elena has changed my life immensely for the better and after working together for almost 10 years – with more to come – she continues to do so!

I cannot recommend someone of Elena’s highest integrity, mastery and commitment to service highly enough!

Benjamin Hawkes 
Benjamin Hawkes

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