“It’s a discipline to practice living our lives inside of a vision.

We are used to defining who we are according to our past experiences and by what is happening to us right now…

To begin relating to our lives according to the future that we are creating is something new entirely and takes some getting used to.

When we are able to do it, however, we find that the need for suffering in our lives is greatly diminished.

There’s a saying…

“Pain pushes until vision pulls.”

Once we master living inside of a vision, we are no longer confined to suffering as our main vehicle for personal growth.

Rather than needing pain to push us, we grow because we are inspired by a possibility—a possibility of who we could become if only we’d release this block and embrace that quality.

It’s an ongoing process that we enthusiastically engage in because we see our own potential and believe that attaining it is possible.”

– Katherine Woodward Thomas in Calling in “The One”

May the dawn of the New Year—and new decade—find you optimistic and inspired.

May you hold an impeccable vision of who you truly are in the midst of your becoming.

And whatever you do, may you do it with love.

Happy New Year!

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