How are you getting on with your New Year’s resolutions? 

Done all your goal setting, mapped out your plan of action, already feeling like a winner thanks to your new, improved habits and routines?

If so, congratulations! Onwards and upwards!

If not, you’re definitely not alone. Most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are in a very different mode…

Whilst the calendar year has changed, the energy for new beginnings doesn’t come in till later in spring. Right now, we’re still very much in a wintry energy that favours reflection, release and returning to essence.

This is a good time to become still. Listen and feel deeply.

What’s happening inside?

How do you really feel — about yourself, those close to you, your work, your home, your life?

Are you listening to your heart? Your soul’s calling?

Before you set about taking decisive action, review the choices and experiences that brought you to this place, here, now, with honesty and compassion.

How have you grown and risen beyond your own fears and expectations?

How have you let yourself down, not living up to your potential?

What helped you? What got you off track?

Acknowledge the good and the bad, perceived successes and failures. Let yourself feel all the emotions present and find forgiveness in your heart.

Once you’re become present to your emotions and transformed them through forgiveness and compassion, you’ll find you’re much clearer.

Wisdom has a way of arriving when the heart is quieter. More peaceful.

Now, you can really learn from your experiences and commit to new choices, start a new chapter in your life.

As you do so, remember, you’re not alone.

You’re here for a reason. Your soul’s purpose signals how you’re called to serve the greater good — and the whole universe is at your service, as you pursue your true calling.

Resource yourself, ask for help, work out how you can put in place supportive structures that help you reach your goals and fulfil more of your creative potential.

My final tips for successful New Year’s resolutions — and living in flow?

Stay present and connected. Have faith. Follow your intuition.

Look forward to hearing how things unfold for you, always grateful to share the journey with you.


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