“Realization is not knowledge about the universe, but the living experience of the nature of the universe.”

— Namkhai Norbu

You know those moments of realization, when truth descends into your being, and you shiver as a powerful electric current lights up your senses and courses through your body, entering every last fibre and minutest cell, and a whole new dimension of life reveals itself to you, truth flashing in front of your eyes, and everything makes total sense in a completely new way, which you’ve somehow always known, and you can almost hear something click inside you as a completion, a crystallization takes place, and you emerge onto a whole new plane of reality, completely transformed, a new person, yet somehow still you, more genuinely yourself, more present and embodied than ever before?

And it feels like a very big deal, and simultaneously not at all, because it’s all so natural and obvious? And yet so wonderfully pleasing to have realized that truth as yourself in this body?

And as you think such thoughts (or maybe despite the thoughts) your awareness expands through space and time, and you see the complete perfection of every moment that led up to this moment of realization — which seems like it took forever to arrive, yet could not have come a moment sooner?

You know those moments?

Well, my 50th birthday was full of them.

It’s the difference between having some knowledge or awareness of something vs. being the conscious embodiment of its essence and wisdom.

What did I realize that was so earth-shattering?

Here are my top 5 birthday realizations:

1.  The inner life holds all the treasures. What’s happening on the outside is not so important. What’s crucial is your inner feeling and awareness in each moment. However compelling the outer life, it is the silent, spacious awareness behind the illusion that truly matters — immaterial though it is.

2.  Reality is wonderfully malleable. Everything in your life changes, when you invest it with different meaning and intent, a different quality of consciousness and energy. Raising your awareness and residing in unconditional love transform your life for the better.

3.  As you give, so shall you receive. What goes around, comes around. You reap what you sow. Endless ways to describe the law of karma, but until you truly, fully “get” it, you are an ignorant prisoner in a prison of your own making. When you finally “get” it, you are tremendously motivated to accept what is with an open heart and do your best, be your best, as well as you can.

4.  There is great wisdom in “The Golden Rule”: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. There is no other. You are only ever acting lovingly or lovelessly towards yourself.

5.  Whatever you do, do it with love. This is the way out of suffering and into a state of Grace. Freedom, happiness and fulfilment begin and end with love.

And a bonus one: the best wish I can offer you. The best wish for anyone, everyone, anytime, every time.

Love every moment of your life. 

This is the ultimate blessing.

Your turn now!

What truth have you realized lately?

How has it changed you? How is it changing your life?

Look forward to your sharing!

Updated: 23rd September 2023

About six months after this massive download, I got another one. 

I tapped into a boundless stream of unconditional joy.

It took me a while to ground the energy some more, so that I can share more with you: the higher octave of these realizations for a happier life. Finally, it’s time for…

The Gift of Joy: Mystical Insights on the Path of Ascension.

In this free, interactive, online session, I share with you my latest insights on the current energies for the ascension of consciousness, especially:

  • important phases and processes on your journey of awakening, including the Dark Night of the Soul
  • the mystical dimensions of unconditional love and joy
  • keys to happiness and fulfilment as a Soul Alchemist and conscious co-creator your life.

The discussion touches on aspects of soul purpose and completing karma, especially in relation to the key themes above.

Get instant access to the replay.

(Check the options on the replay page for an added bonus…)

Enjoy and connect again soon!


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