“If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.”

– Bernard Williams

It’s the end of August now, so how was your summer?

Sizzling romance for you?

Personally, I was content with some decent reading.

And then, I read this.

“It is not unusual to be drawn into a love relationship with a person we hurt in the distant past in an attempt to heal. 

The problem is that instead of healing an ancient wound, most often we end up reinjuring each other.

That person who once burned you at the stake for your beliefs in a Christian or pagan god, and whom you confuse for your beloved ends up lighting the kindling under you once again. And you’re left wondering why you’re choking from the smoke of the relationship.

When you are sure that you have met your dream lover, your soul mate, and every cell in your body is quivering with excitement, run away as fast as you can.

Unless, of course, you are ready to sign up for another lesson in the school of emotional storms.”

– Alberto Villoldo, The Heart of the Shaman: Stories and Practices of the Luminous Warrior.

I would have to agree — in part.

In my experience, relationships that are especially compelling and based on a high level of sexual attraction feature a lot of friction and pain.

Soul mate relationships?
Sure, many of them are.
Still, very challenging.

Just how challenging became more apparent to me when I started to expand the scope of my enquiry to include extended family systems, karmic connections, and past life experiences.

I bet you’ve also found that very high level of attraction between yourself and another is more likely a sign of trouble than a sure-fire indicator of “happily ever after.”

The real challenge is that the painful experiences, karmic ties, negative programs and emotional charges that actually cause your troubles now are often very obscure.

They may not originate from your own lifetime at all.

This makes it very hard to make sense of the situation even, let alone tackle the problems at their root.

So, what do you do?
Run away, like Villoldo suggests?

Absolutely not.

You may save yourself from one particular experience of pain and drama, but you won’t instantly become a different person.

You won’t suddenly feel attracted to different, more suitable partners.
You won’t automatically be graced with happy, healthy relationships.

Something needs to shift inside.

You’re in need of a fundamental change.

A deep healing that transforms the hidden forces moving you in the direction of trouble, instead of happiness and joy.

Villoldo encourages the reader to engage in self-enquiry and explore shamanic practices and rituals, in order to break free from those histories that you are still carrying on some level.

The histories that perpetuate drama, and limit your happiness and freedom.

You could tackle all this the shamanic way.

Here’s another option.

I’ve developed a way of detecting negative causal patterns and clearing them. Completely.

I trace your symptoms back to the real problem areas — on a physical, mental, emotional, psychic, karmic, soul level.

I’m often able to reveal to you the history around the origins of an issue, even if it goes back many generations and involves distant ancestors or one of your own past (or parallel) lives.

Importantly, I identify the precise thought patterns and emotions involved, revealing the exact correspondence between those imprints and your current experiences.

I help you to understand what the life theme is, the learning to be had, and to expand your consciousness.

Gently, I guide you to a place of healing within, as I dissolve the negative patterns for you.

The stuck energy starts to move and you can claim that space for your true Self expression.

And once the clearing is complete, it’s done.
That original cause ceases to be.
For good.

That’s when you see the difference.

Your attraction point shifts and your experiences change.

You see more clearly.
You make better choices and fewer compromises.
You are in flow — in your life and relationships.

Let me say this again.

All of the detective work, uncovering the roots of your troubles, shifting negative patterns, moving stuck energy — all the clearing is done for you.

It’s taken me the best part of my life to get to this point, now, so you don’t have to.

  • Would you like more romance— in a relationship that works?
  • Would you like to enhance your abundance, sense of purpose in life and overall well-being whilst you’re at it?

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