“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”

– George Sand


Most of us prize our intimate connections more than anything else.

We appreciate love when we recognize it and are only too happy to love and be loved.

In truth, every relationship is precious.

Every relationship serves to reveal You: the Divine Light in you, expressed as your unique Soul qualities and gift.

Relationships also reveal what is not You: karmic imprints, mental conditioning and identifications that are not true to your essence.

Think of someone close to you. Someone you’re really attached to right now.

Think of friendships and partnerships; business relationships; formative relationships, when you were a child.

How are your relationships helping you:

  • grow in love and presence?
  • reveal more of your creativity and joy?
  • appreciate the unique value you bring to this world?

As mystics realized a long time ago, your capacity for love, happiness and abundance in life correlates with your ability to maintain spiritually aligned and energetically balanced relationships.

Where are you noticing less good in your life?

Here’s your opportunity to redress the balance.

Learn about and heal your patterns of connection and exchange, as they occur though the different stages and contexts of life, transform your experience of love and money, and discover how your personal, professional and spiritual growth can converge in service to the highest good in the upcoming retreat:

Heal Your Money and Relationship Karma: Mastering the Dynamics of Exchange

And in Wednesday’s free talk, you can learn more about the karmic bonds that draw you into pained relationships, and how you may start to heal the past and allow more love into your life:

Love or Karma? Understanding Karmic Relationships

Interested in exploring specific relationships and ways to find more happiness and fulfilment in your life through one-to-one work?

Contact me to enquire about private sessions.

 I look forward to sharing the journey with you!


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