Are you a dynamic kind of person? 

Ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice, making confident decisions, courageously embracing challenge and risk, as you pursue higher ideals and an inspired vision?

In the months ahead, that’s precisely how you’re called to show up: the New Lunar Year of the Wood Dragon promises surprises and revolutionary change.

What else ought you to prepare for?

Much depends on how aligned you are with your unique, soul purpose for this life.

Happy to share more with you in a special session:

Living Your Soul Purpose in the Year of the Wood Dragon

This is a free, online event, in which we’ll explore:

  • your greater, soul aspect and your unique purpose for this incarnation, as it reveals itself in your work, relationships, home, lifestyle and overall happiness and well-being
  • the dominant collective trends in the Year of the Wood Dragon and what they may mean for you on a personal and soul level
  • how best to navigate the inner and outer forces for change to support your growth and fulfilment in 2024 — and beyond.

The session includes Q&A and the recording will be made available to everyone who registers.

Check out the event information and save your free place.

It’ll be great to see you there!

Updated: 5th February 2024

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