Are you enjoying the festive season?

One of the benefits of living here, in Zurich, is the truly magical Christmas spirit: beautiful Christmas lights and decorations, delightful markets and gorgeous treats for all the senses!

The huge array of special activities and shows means that everyone can participate in the liveliness and keep warm and joyful, despite the wintry dark and cold.

What makes all this more precious is the joy of connection — not only within the family, but in every relationship and interaction, including in larger communities.

This is a time to look after each other. 

Take care that each one of us stays happy, nourished, warm. 


When these feelings of joy, love and connection are missing, when relationships are strained, Christmas can be a very unhappy time.

As the end of the year approaches, you may look back and feel happy, contended, appreciative of what you’ve experienced and shared. Or you may be feeling disappointment and regret.

How do you feel this Christmas?

Can you see a way to more love, connection and joy during this time — and all year round?

If you haven’t already, sign up to the School of Soul Alchemy (you can start for free) and head to the Free Library.

There, you’ll find a special healing meditation:

Heal Your Connections: Find Closure, Deepen Love, Open to New Possibilities

This may be just the healing you need right now, so that you may enjoy a warmer, more joyful, more connected Christmas and New Year!


If you’d like to go deeper, explore your soul connections with loved ones, family members, current and ex-partners, friends, business associates, colleagues, people at positions of authority that may be influencing your life, find out what’s really going on, go ahead and book a Soul Alchemy Online Session — Special Christmas Offer: use code XMAS for CHF 75 off until the 6th January 2023.

We’ll spend up to two hours exploring relationships and situations that are especially important to you from the Soul perspective. We’ll look at how they relate to your Soul purpose, and also identify past life connections, karmic energies, family and ancestral energies and other hidden aspects that are contributing to present-day circumstances.

This way, you will gain more clarity, identify challenges, opportunities and the best ways forward in whatever situation you find yourself in.

Click here to secure one or more Soul Alchemy Online Sessions whilst they’re still available! A beautiful gift of connectedness, love and awareness for yourself and your loved ones.

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