“Creativity is the state of consciousness in which you enter into the treasury of your innermost being and bring the beauty into manifestation.” – Torkom Saraydarian

There’s an energy of ripening at this time.

We’re feeling our readiness to receive what we’ve been longing for and working towards for months and months. Sensing the energy, a dear client of mine asked me for a manifestation ritual to help manifest true love in relationship.

The truth is, I can think of many manifestation rituals.

I’ve used rituals to manifest partners in the past and I know many others who have done the same. Manifestation rituals work.

But one can never get away from karma and the pain and suffering of every manifestation.

Everything, every form belongs to the world of duality and so no “complete happiness” is to be expected as a result of any manifestation, including a relationship, however wonderful it may be for a time.

My recommendation?

Make an inner shift.

Cultivate inner peace.
Feel love in your heart, no matter what.
Accept life and feel grateful for it.

Only then will you be happy.

The best part is, the less you obsess about manifesting specific outcomes, the more creative you will be. You can enjoy your own unfolding, co-creating with the Mystery.

If you want happiness, this is the best manifestation ritual I know.

Are you ready to make the shift?

Welcome a new way of being?

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