“We create our lives with our beliefs, and we broadcast those beliefs into the energetic environment around us.

We are creating our relationships, and with that knowledge, we have the freedom to create whatever kinds of relationships we want!”

– Dr. Bruce Lipton, The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth

One my favourite reads, this book puts a whole other spin on the concept of “good vibrations”, based on Dr. Lipton’s study of epigenetics.

But the best part is the description of his own struggles with intimacy and relationship, and how he eventually manifested a truly happy-ever-after marriage.

The gist of it is, you have to do a pretty thorough job of deconditioning yourself, if you want true love in relationship.

Until you shed the programs of dysfunction present in your subconscious mind and your energy system, you will “vibe” with partners who match in dysfunction.

You won’t recognise good relationship material, if you’re looking for love.
Or fall into sabotaging behaviours, if you’re in relationship.

Relationships and soulmate connections are amongst the most popular topics in both private and group sessions.

It’s possible to access your soul’s wisdom to gain insights, transform unconscious blocks and negative programming, and release past-life and ancestral karma around relationships.

Relationship healing and working with the Akashic Records is, of course, included in private sessions, but also in certain group sessions, such as Akashic Readings & Spiritual Healing Online Workshops.

The ambience we create is nothing short of amazing, as one previous participant kindly shared:


I’m still just amazed from the experience and feelings, this connectedness and love, and this oneness. There’s a certain vulnerability, but it’s like a strength, and coming back to that connectedness is amazing.

Thank you very much, thank you to all!”

– Robert

In private sessions, we work in a way that is more personal to you.

In group sessions, we don’t focus as much on personal details, but work just as powerfully, supported by the group field.

Plenty of opportunity to make a change in your life and relationships!

I hope you’re feeling inspired to take action.
Go for the honeymoon effect.

Want my advice regarding next steps? You’re welcome to e-mail me and request a discovery call — this free call includes a short psychic reading to help assess karmic imprints and various types of programming that exist on different levels, for example, connected with your family and ancestry, past lives, and other aspects of your greater being, your Soul.

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