No More Heart Wall!

Release blocks to love and happiness in life by dissolving the Heart Wall.

The Heart Wall is a defensive mechanism: an energetic barrier that you, yourself, create on a certain level of mind, in an effort to prevent yourself from feeling unwanted life experiences and difficult emotions.

Unfortunately, the Heart Wall also prevents you from enjoying the best in life and is a major contributor to: 

  • poor experiences in relationship
  • lack of money and opportunity
  • low self-esteem
  • negative thoughts and emotions
  • loss of energy and vitality
  • frustrated efforts to improve your life

Working with No More Heart Wall! will help you dissolve the compacted energies that make up your Heart Wall and restore openness and flow, so that you can:

  • connect with others more easily
  • feel lighter and more joyful
  • find new solutions and get unstuck
  • enjoy more synchronicity
  • have a stronger sense of your purpose

Use the recording regularly to prevent new emotional build-up and keep your Heart open and bright!

No More Heart Wall! is included in the Happiness Essentials recordings bundle.

Duration: c. 40 minutes.

The Gift of Abundance

Find your personal key to abundance and open to the best this life has to offer.

Open to the best in life, in alignment with your true purpose and soul essence, with an extensive session, part-workshop and part-guided-process. 

The workshop section guides you through a process of self-enquiry, so that you may arrive at the very essence of abundance for you, specifically in this incarnation.

This clear awareness serves as your key to unlocking abundance, and is further utilised in the guided meditation section.

The embedded energetic transmission helps you release both conscious and unconscious blocks to abundance, so that you may enjoy greater prosperity in an aligned, fulfilling way.

The Gift of Abundance is included in the Happiness Essentials recordings bundle.

Duration: c. 1 hour 10 minutes.

Connecting with Higher Awareness

(Soul Purpose Activation)

Ask your question and open for intuitive guidance, channeled messages and healing energy.

This guided meditation and energetic transmission is perfect for soul alignment: listening helps you easily reach a higher level of awareness, so that you may know your soul’s purpose qualities and unique gift for this life.

You will also have the opportunity to gain insight around an important person and life theme in your present incarnation, 

This recording additionally serves as excellent training for your intuition and psychic senses, helping you access higher vibrational states with increasing ease and consistency.

Connecting with Higher Awareness (Soul Purpose Activation) is included in the Happiness Essentials recordings bundle.

Duration: c. 40 minutes.

Such a beautiful meditation. Elena’s voice is so calm, peaceful and beautiful that easily transported me to another state of being. It was like being drawn instantly into a beautiful safe space where I could place all my attention on me, encouraged to surrender, be present in my emotions, my heart, my mind.

I could also feel the energy behind the words. A beautiful, strong energy not only guiding the meditation but also holding the space, supporting me to go deeper inside of me, to cultivate curiosity and trust.

Trust that I can really see, feel and change patterns in order to explore deeper aspects of myself. And that I am not alone. Trust that there is so much help around me from so many beautiful beings…

I felt the meditation like a calling to take responsibility for my life, going deeper and exploring more to reach my authenticity, my truth, a place where I can truly enjoy the miracle of life. There was a simplicity and so much empowerment in the words.

Thank you, Elena, for holding such a beautiful space, helping me to come to my truth for my own and higher good, supporting me to develop my skills and become aware of my gifts, beauty and light.

I am so grateful for your gift, powerful message and magical support.


Wow, what a beautiful meditation… Quickly and gently, it brought me to myself, feeling myself, the light, the spirituality, the connection with my soul, even though I was a bit scared.

So beautiful, peaceful, loving, joyful, warm. Your music, voice and words supported that beautifully. Amazing what appears in a short time!

I felt safe with you in that meditation to open up to the soul level, to be open to receive and I could stop my need to control (most of the time).

Your contribution about yourself and the meditation inspires me and encourages me to move on on this path of mine, to go deeper and to open up more and more, to allow the feelings, sensations I have on me, and when I meet other people.

There is something so strong and clear, which I want to learn about, to develop and feel safe, certain about.  Allowing myself to have such abilities and to develop them. Guidance brought me to you… Beautiful!

Thank you so much for your contribution and warmth.


I’ve been doing these meditations many times now and I feel a big change in my life.

I thought about it last time, when you asked me at the end how I feel, and I had to compare, how it was two months ago and how it is now.

I feel my eyes are more open, more bright. I set some healthy boundaries for me — not against any special person, around everyone. I need to have my space! A safe space for me.

I think it’s really beautiful that I can feel like this!

I like that you like to move forward faster, get up on the highway and let’s go! I really enjoy it, because my burnout started ten years ago and I don’t want to wait another ten years before I feel well, so I really enjoy that we can move forward a little quickly.

And last time, the healing, that was something special too. It felt like somebody lifted me up from the chair and then I was really calm. And then, when I went to bed, it felt like someone gave me some more healing. And it was really wonderful!

So I really enjoy it, it has been amazing and I look forward to the sessions!


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