Attuned to Essence:
Upgrade Your Life
& Manifest What Matters

“Attuned to Essence: Upgrade Your Life and Manifest What Matters” is a 12-week group program, designed to accelerate your progress and empower you to take confident charge of your life.

“Attuned to Essence” represents a unique combination of spiritual healing, coaching, meditation and energy work that enables you to fast-forward your development, experience breakthroughs, and upgrade your life in every way by making all-important inner shifts.

A step beyond “Law of Attraction”, this program connects you with your spiritual essence, your boundless, creative potential as pure, loving awareness.

You will discover a way of creating your life in a more aligned, peaceful and inspired way, free from egoic desires and attachments, enjoying the mystery and living your highest destiny.

Rather than focus on shortsighted goals with a limited vision of what is possible or beneficial for you, you can start manifesting what serves your highest good — and the highest good of all.

You will find this form of spiritual healing and coaching in a group especially enjoyable, if you like interacting with others and want to:

  • increase your knowledge and focus on self-development through a structured course format
  • strengthen your intuition and acquire powerful tools for working with consciousness and energy
  • benefit from the supportive field of the group assisting you on your personal journey of healing and transformation, and in making your vision for the future a reality.

Throughout the 12-week program, you will learn how to implement spiritual principles for conscious manifestation: how to create your own reality.

The first step in the process is to explore major life topics from a spiritual and energetic perspective.

Next, you learn specific tools and practices that you can apply to shift your point of attraction and the way you create reality.

What follows is a unique form of energy work integrated within guided meditations.

This form of quantum energetics is crucial for your success, as it removes hidden obstacles and karmic energies that would otherwise hinder your progress.

Through pure awareness, intention and sound, I work energetically on the field to release stuck energies, emotions and attachments, and restore balance and flow. All you have to do to experience the transformation is stay open and present, willing to receive the healing.

The meditations help you enter an altered state of consciousness, so that you can overcome negative programming, recover your Soul energy, and return to a state of wholeness.

Using the tools I developed in this program, you will be able to shift your consciousness and energy and manifest positive changes in your life faster and with less effort.

In addition, sharing and exchange within the group and the School of Soul Alchemy community enable you to integrate your learning and transformation, and provide additional support and resources for your development.

By the end of the 12-week program, you will:

  • take a quantum into a freer, more aligned and creative way of living
  • make empowered choices with clarity of purpose
  • experience more joy, peace, love and flow in your life.

After the completion of the program, you can listen to the recordings again whenever a new challenge arises, any time you want to gain clarity, experience more deep healing and restore peace in your heart and mind.

Each time you use the recordings, you will discover new layers of meaning, and the energetic transmissions will bring you new benefits, helping you reach the next level in your personal evolution.

Armed with the knowledge, tools and transmissions contained within “Attuned to Essence”, you can say good bye to worry, self-doubt and procrastination.

Start creating a life that exceeds your dreams.

It was very a transformative week. Last week’s was a very strong session. The meditation was very deep and relaxing. I think I lost control! It was a good thing! It was immersive. 

The loving energy can help me find myself and get in touch with my true self, especially as we are going through some tough moments, collectively. 

And the week before, after the session, I felt more concentrated, more focussed on my goals. I felt steadier. More centred. This was a very positive shift for me.


I’ve been doing these meditations many times now and I feel a big change in my life.

I thought about it last time, when you asked me at the end how I feel, and I had to compare, how it was two months ago and how it is now. 

I feel my eyes are more open, more bright. I set some healthy boundaries for me — not against any special person, around everyone. I need to have my space! A safe space for me. 

I think it’s really beautiful that I can feel like this!

I like that you like to move forward faster, get up on the highway and let’s go! I really enjoy it, because my burnout started ten years ago and I don’t want to wait another ten years before I feel well, so I really enjoy that we can move forward a little quickly.

And last time, the healing, that was something special too. It felt like somebody lifted me up from the chair and then I was really calm. And then, when I went to bed, it felt like someone gave me some more healing. And it was really wonderful!

So I really enjoy it, it has been amazing and I look forward to the sessions!


“Attuned to Essence: Upgrade Your Life and Manifest What Matters” offers you:

  • 12 weekly group sessions, consisting of Lessons, Meditations and Energy Work, via Zoom — each session addresses a specific topic and catalyses powerful transformation with the support of the group field
  • 3 private sessions with Elena Angel — these offer you more detailed, individual psychic readings to help you set intentions and make sure you are addressing the heart of your problems; individual energy clearing for those blocks that are hard for you to shift; specific guidance, energetic clearing, balancing and alignment to your highest good with regard to specific people, places and situations you are working on; extra support moving forward and creating your new life
  • 3 additional group sharing and Q&A sessions via Zoom — more opportunities to connect and receive support, no matter where you are in the world
  • 24/7 access to session recordings — repeat sessions to go deeper, explore a new angle of the topic, or catch up in your own time, if you miss the live session
  • 24/7 access to “Attuned to Essence” study materials
  • private community forum within the School of Soul Alchemy — so that you can continue the exchange privately with members of this group, in addition to having access to the general community forum for ongoing support, inspiration and learning resources.


I’m still just amazed from the experience and feelings, this connectedness and love, and this oneness. 

There’s a certain vulnerability, but it’s like a strength, and coming back to that connectedness is amazing. 

Thank you very much, thank you to all!


The change that I feel since we’ve been having these meetings is I’m more open.

I was always very tight, struggling with self-esteem, but now I feel I’m more open to people and to changes. I feel that good things are coming! 

For me, it’s a very big achievement.


Last week we were talking about the Heart Wall and I remember the feeling of holding something around my chest. Somehow, the work we did made me feel lighter. 

Someone mentioned to me that I move differently!  I’m walking with more confidence. I saw this person a couple of days before we did this work and then, two days later, he couldn’t recognise me! He said to me, “Oh, I wasn’t sure it was you! You’re walking different!” 


The journey we take together with “Attuned to Essence” is a deeply soulful experience.

Participants are often amazed by the expansive love and connection they experience in the group setting. 

The deep insights and energetic transmissions catalyze powerful inner shifts that show up as positive developments and successes in your life, faster and with less effort. 

Working together as a closed group, we harness the “Power of Eight”: this the number of participants scientifically documented to bring about miracle healing and positive change through co-ordinated, focussed intent.

Together, we strengthen our commitment and resolve, and amplify our joy and creative power. We build a strong foundation of love, connection and trust, and gain a powerful energetic support for positive change.

Our journey unfolds as follows:

  • Week 1: Your Soul Family: Circle of Love
  • Week 2: Karma, Destiny and Soul purpose
  • Week 3: The Power of Intention
  • Week 4: True Self, Self-Worth and Self-Esteem
  • Week 5: Ego and Identity
  • Week 6: Compassion and Forgiveness
  • Week 7: Ho’oponopono 
  • Week 8: Family and Ancestral Healing
  • Week 9: Home and Space Clearing
  • Week 10: Relationships
  • Week 11: Well-being, Vitality and Abundance
  • Week 12: Endings and Beginnings

When you attend the live, online sessions, you have the opportunity to take part in sharing and Q&A, but you will also enjoy the benefits of the work by listening to the recordings.

Your registration gives you lifelong access to all the materials, so that you can catch up or repeat sessions in your own time.

Every time you listen in the months and years ahead, you will discover new meaning in the Lessons, and the Meditation and Energy Work sessions will help you clear obstacles and make progress on the new goals and intentions you set.

Interested in joining the next presentation of Attuned to Essence: Upgrade Your Life and Manifest What Matters?

Get in touch to arrange a discovery call.

I’m very happy to see you again, Elena! I’m very pleased! I love the way you combined the music along with your voice. 

The meditation, as a whole, felt very specific and important to me. It made very clear, what I have to change in my life. 

All week, I’ve been working on this and making progress. The starting point was this session with you!


I have to say, last week’s was a very powerful meditation. I felt quite emotional, a sadness came over me. 

I had a difficult day the next day, but I listened to the meditation again and I felt differently at the end of it. 

Listening to the meditation again gave me a different perspective of the past. So, I’m looking forward to tonight, very much! 

I really enjoy these sessions and I’m looking forward to tonight’s, new beginnings!


It was a lovely experience last week! The meditation was really deep and I came out of it so relaxed and so happy. 

It was all about being strong… a beautiful, beautiful experience, so I’m looking forward to today’s session.



I’m not sure I can make the live sessions. Can I still attend without missing out?

Absolutely! All the content will be made available online, so that you can access it any time and as many times as you like. The beauty of energetics is that it works outside of space and time, so you will enjoy the benefits any time you watch and listen. 

At the same time, I appreciate that you don’t want to miss out on the personal contact with myself and the other participants. For this reason, the program includes additional sharing and Q&A sessions at different days and times to accommodate different time zones.

Who is this program aimed at? Do I need to have any particular experience in order to make the most of it?

“Attuned to Essence” is intended for you, if you have an interest in spirituality and energetics and would like to learn more, develop yourself and improve your life. The program addresses universal themes in a way that you can apply to your specific circumstances and needs.

The main catalyst for healing and transformation is not the intellectual content, but the energetic transmission offered in each session. I invite you to bring your intentions to each session, so that you derive exactly what you need to move forward in your life from where you are. 

Every time you watch and listen to the recordings subsequently, you will discover new awareness and layers of meaning. As your circumstances change and you bring new intentions, you will derive rich and diverse benefits.

How does this program compare to private sessions? Will I get the same benefits?

Private programs are tailored to your specific circumstances and intentions and offer you very detailed psychic readings, in addition to guidance and energetics. Group programs, on the other hand, offer the advantage of the group field, which is very supportive and adds energy to your intentions, so that you are better able to manifest them into your life. 

In terms of additional tools and resources, private programs include teaching and coaching components and group programs include teaching and community forum components — all valuable and effective in different ways. 

Ideally, you’ll have the chance to have both, private and group sessions! Then, you can enjoy the full range of benefits.

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I’m so excited to be here! We met a long time ago, when you organised a few MeetUps in London, and I just remember that you caused such an impression on me! 

Those MeetUps, I went to a few and I always felt so… even just now, being on the computer, there’s something in my heart. It’s a warm heart and it’s really really beautiful. Thank you for that!


The meditation felt empowering and beautiful. 

The music was soothing and put me into a dream state.


It was great last week, the meditation was so relaxing and deep!

Really look forward to tonight’s, feels very exciting!


I really look forward to today’s topic of home, because with us all being locked down, our home is more than a place to live, it’s like a sanctuary. It’s where we feel safe. 

I live on my own and it can be lonely. I mean, I do have friends, but I do not have any friends who do and like the things that I do. They all think I’m a little bit “woo woo”. I like yoga, I like meditation, I like all those things and I tend to do them on my own, especially now, so the connection with you has been lovely!

And last week I did feel a shift and I can’t explain where it was, it was the health meditation that we did. I do have a few health problems and I felt a difference. 

I couldn’t specifically say what it was, but I felt a lightness. And spirit. It’s wonderful to be here, to be with like-minded souls!


I’m glad to be here again. There are a lot of changes happening in my life!

These meditations are very helpful to help me find some peace.


I’ve been going through major changes and I think I’ve turned a corner. 

I was really suffering with my health and I’ve changed my narrative. I’ve been working with a women’s circle and I’m feeling the benefit of everything and these meditations have just been the cherry on top. 

I can’t thank you enough! I’m making movements towards my dreams, I’m doing better at work and I’m feeling deeply resilient. So, thank you!


Really nice to be here, I’m really happy to be able to join! I’m feeling great. The last few days were quite emotional for me. I felt a very powerful healing and releasing of a lot of old patterns and feelings. 

I feel this is really preparing me for something new, for a new start. 

The topic of “home” was also right on point. After the meditation I had this clarity that my home is in my heart, not in my physical space. We sometimes forget and look for that feeling outside. But this session reminded me, “I AM my home! Thank you!


Since the last session, when we connected with our soul purpose and the resources to make it happen, to manifest it, one thing that happened to me is that my projects starter to move on a lot faster. I found I had all these resources, the help and the answers. The moment I thought to myself “I don’t know how to do this”, pretty instantly, within the next day or so, I had the answer. It was right in front of me! That was quite dramatic and very helpful. I was certainly delighted!

Another of my intentions was to improve my fitness level and, since starting the sessions, I found an excellent detox program and fitness program that I’m actually doing! Before, I was just thinking about it, but now I’m doing it! 

Also, having procrastinated for a long time, I finally decided to call this place my home. I got my name on the doorbell and, since doing that, everything has taken off! My work has taken off, everything is moving on, I’m making progress and I’ve connected with new people who are helping me with my projects. I’ve also received unexpected gifts, had new opportunities come in, and I’m feeling much more stable and strong. I really needed this!


I could feel something big was happening during the meditation, because I was crying all the way through. 

And then I heard you say, “Don’t leave the circle of love!” and it was just what I was going to do. But I went back to the circle and after a while everything was alright. 

It felt really good to be part of this group.


I felt some strong emotions coming out during the session. This last week, I’ve been very calm, not thinking about anything. 

Something has definitely shifted. I felt shifts in previous sessions too. There’s definitely an energy you bring, it’s just amazing. 

I feel much calmer, not thinking about other people or things, but just being happy, just being me. There’s so much to feel happy and grateful about…

I feel the love and the abundance inside of me, I have so much to give!


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