Soul Purpose Unveiled: Your Unique Path to Happiness and Self-Realization

“In the days ahead, you will either be a mystic (one who has experienced God for real) or nothing at all.” 

— Karl Rahner

Soul Purpose Unveiled: Your Unique Path to Happiness and Self-Realization is a spiritual healing and intuitive development program for holistic transformation.

The 12-week intensive program is designed to help you:

– awaken your psychic senses

– heal the past

– manifest your soul’s purpose

My “team” in spirit and I will be right there with you, so that you receive all the assistance and guidance you need, every step of the way.

We will work closely together using powerfully mind-and heart-opening practices and healing modalities, including:

– Dreamwork

– Shamanic Journeying

– Meditation & Hypnosis

– Quantum Energetics

supporting you to transcend the past, step into your power and lift off to a whole new experience of life — more joyful, loving and fulfilling than ever before.

A world of possibilities opens up for you, just as soon as you realize who you really are!

The program starts on Monday, 13th November 2023.