Soul Purpose Unveiled: Revealing the Blueprint for Your Soul’s Journey (Online)

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Join this illuminating exploration of the greater aspect of yourself, your Soul, and the unique path to happiness and self-realization that your life represents.

Through insightful teachings and real-life examples, you will discover how your soul evolves through multiple life experiences, pulled between karmic forces, inevitable cause and effect, on the one hand, and the unbounded love, creativity and joy that is your essence, seeking to express in new, fresh and uniquely original ways.

You will begin to see how those larger, unseen forces, manifest in tangible ways, influencing your choices and defining your “ordinary” life experience, including home, career, relationships, well-being, personal and spiritual growth, and how you can:

– connect with higher awareness and a greater vision for your life
– experience profound healing and free yourself from the past
– cultivate presence and self-mastery, transform your relationships, and enjoy co-creating your destiny

The session concludes with an invitation to join Soul Purpose Unveiled: Your Unique Path to Happiness and Self-Realization — a comprehensive spiritual healing and intuitive development program that equips you with the understanding and practical tools you need to find wholeness, soulful connection and true fulfilment in life.

By the end of the session, you will have valuable new perspective on yourself, your unique potential, and how to step into your best life.

There will be time for questions: ask your question during the live Q&A, or e-mail your questions in advance. The recording will be made available to everyone who registers.

Approximate duration: 90 minutes.