No More Heart Wall! Quantum Healing for the Heart (Online Meditation and Energy Work Session)

We continue our Meditation and Energy Work Series with a special quantum healing session focussing on dissolving the Heart Wall.

What is the Heart Wall?

Described as such by Dr. Bradley Nelson, alternatively seen as an armour, skin, shell, veil or tangled web, this is an energetic structure that surrounds your heart, restricting and distoring the energy flow through your system.

The Heart Wall is made up of compacted, unprocessed emotions arising from unresolved stories and attachments — desires, fears, limiting thought patterns — from:

– your current life experiences

– your family system / ancestral lines

– past life experiences and karmic connections

– collective consciousness

Put more simply, the Heart Wall is every thought or emotion that has you believing you’re not completely perfect and lovable as you are. 

That you cannot live happily, creatively and joyfully. That others, life itself are not to be trusted. That nothing comes without pain.

In this way, the Heart Wall — which can be very extensive — is a major contributor to:

– poor experiences in relationship

– lack of money and opportunity

– low self-esteem

– negative thoughts and emotions

– loss of energy and vitality

– frustrated efforts to improve your life

In one-to-one sessions, we identify, heal and release specific emotions, thought patterns, karmic energies and so on with a great deal of specificity. 

In this group session, we won’t go into specifics, working instead with my signature blend of guided meditation and quantum energetics.

Depending on your readiness and willingness to let go, this session will help you:

– connect with others more easily

– feel lighter and more joyful

– find new solutions and get unstuck

– enjoy more synchronicity

– have a stronger sense of your purpose

Come with an open mind and see what happens when you surrend to pure, unconditional love!

Meditation and Energy Work Sessions typically include:

– introduction and intention-setting

– guided meditation and energy healing session

– (optionally) sharing and Blessings Circle

Approximate duration: 45-90 minutes 

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25 Jul 2022


8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 25 Jul 2022
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