Heal Your Money and Relationship Karma: Mastering the Dynamics of Exchange (Online)

We are One and One is Love. 

Even so, our human lives are all about exchange — and not all exchanges were made equal! There is, in fact, such great imbalance, that existing structures are no longer tenable.

On a personal level, you may have found that, despite your best efforts, you are not where you’d like to be with your abundance and the quality of your relationships.

On a collective level, we are called to create new relationship and value exchange structures based on a higher level of awareness, supportive of our ongoing process of Ascension.

This retreat will show you how you can elevate the way you relate, share resources and create abundance through partnerships: join us, see your life transformed, and be part of the great shift we’re making.

Get ready for some deep work, revelations and insights that will change your life forever!

Heal Your Money and Relationship Karma
3 Day Live Online Retreat

PLUS Replays + Course Materials + Bonus Content + Student Community Space

Friday to Sunday, 15th – 17 March 2024

Live class schedule: 2 sessions daily, 1.5 hours each, starting at

17:00 CET |16:00 GMT | 12:00 EST |10:00 MT | 09:00 PT

Approximate duration: c. 9 hours

Part 1: 5 Key Dynamics of Exchange

First of all, we will examine the 5 Key Dynamics of Exchange, each with its unique characteristics and ways of manifesting in your life. 

Relationships and partnerships of all kinds can suffer hugely for lack of understanding of the underlying energies, but you will quickly be able to identify imbalances and rectify them.

As you examine specific situations and relationships from your past and present, you will be able to see them with new eyes, and find a depth of recognition and healing that might otherwise continue to elude you.

Moving forward, you will be able to determine what type of energy exchange is fitting in any situation, make more conscious choices and set boundaries that support both freedom and flow.

Part 2 : Karma, Polarity and the Laws of Creation

Both through the live sessions and through the extensive learning materials accompanying this retreat, will gain profound insight into the esoteric Laws of Creation, especially the Law of Karma or Cause and Effect and the Law of Polarity, which shape your experiences over multiple litetimes. 

Perhaps for the first time, you will see and understand the devastating ways in which universal creative forces can keep you helpless and stuck, oblivious of the true causes of present-day limitations and misfortune.

The new understanding will open up new depths of compassion and forgiveness in your heart. This in itself is immensely healing, and you will be supported and empowered even more through multi-dimensional healing transmissions.

This is the space for you to release any and all remaining entanglements and blocks wherever and whenever they occured, and bring new balance to every aspect of your life.

Part 3 : Soul Purpose, Vision and Ascension

Collectively, as we continue our journey of Ascension, we are moving through a grand transition, energetic “choppy waters”, which can be very destabilizing.

Especially at ths time, it is crucial that you stay attuned to your soul’s Divine purpose and gifts, and manifest your creative vision for this life.

As you master the dynamics of exchange and the art of co-creation, you will be able to access the new manifestation dynamics that are emerging, and elevate your exchanges even more.

The final part of the retreat and the accompanying practices will help you embrace and embody your soul qualities and purpose more fully, navigate life’s waters with the highest integrity, and realize your unique and essential contribution to humanity in love, appreciation and joy.


Your investment is USD 333.

There are easy payment plans (3 or 6 instalments) and an option to add a reduced rate one-to-one consultation.