Heal Your Money and Relationship Karma: Mastering the Dynamics of Exchange (Online)

We are One and One is Love. 

Even so, our human lives are all about exchange — and not all exchanges were made equal! There is, in fact, such great imbalance, that existing structures are no longer tenable.

On a personal level, you may have found that, despite your best efforts, you are not where you’d like to be with your abundance and the quality of your relationships.

On a collective level, we are called to create new structures based on a higher level of awareness, supportive of our ongoing process of Ascension.

This retreat will show you how you can elevate the way you relate, share resources and create abundance through partnerships: join us, see your life transformed, and be part of the great shift we’re making. 

Registrations are now open for:

Heal Your Money and Relationship Karma
3 Day Live Online Retreat

PLUS Replays + Course Materials + Bonus Content + Student Community Space

PLUS (Optionally) One-to-One Soul Alchemy Session (1 hour) with Elena Angel

Friday to Sunday, 26th – 28 April 2024

Live class schedule: 2 sessions daily starting at

08:00 PDT | 11:00 EDT | 16:00 BST | 17:00 CEST 

Check the time in your timezone.

Total duration: c. 12 hours

Elevate the way you connect, share love and create abundance in your life through esoteric wisdom, advanced energetics and alchemical practice.

Over three days, you will be working closely with psychic healer, intuitive channel and spiritual guide, Elena Angel, in a small group setting, designed to give you plenty of individual attention, space for sharing, as well as supportive connections, as you endeavor to reach the next level in your self-expression and mastery.

The curriculum combines esoteric wisdom, ancient practices and energetic transmissions delivered live online, over Zoom, with session replays and additional learning and practice materials available inside a private School of Soul Alchemy course space.

Daily program:

Day 1: The 5 Key Dynamics of Exchange

Day 2: Karma, Polarity and the Laws of Creation

Day 3: Soul Purpose, Vision and Ascension

Each day starts with a presentation, followed by extensive discussion and expert guidance to help you with your specific challenges and goals. 

Topics covered include:

– Metaphysics and energetics of creation and connection and how they define your personal experiences.

– How your upbringing affects your relationships and the flow of money, love and well-being in every area of your life.

– How to assess energy dynamics and set healthy boundaries.

– How to heal and restore balance in your personal, professional and financial exchanges, so that you are abundant in love, money and opportunity. 

– Why money and business are spiritual in nature.

– Kabbalist secrets for enhancing abundance and running a successful, spiritually-aligned business.

– How polarity may be keeping you stuck even more than karma — and what to do about it.

– The law of gender and the power of co-creative alchemy in all your endeavours.

– How to find true meaning and purpose in your life and exchanges, so that you are happy, and fulfilled as well as abundant.

– Soul evolution, the ascension process and the new manifestation dynamics.

– Your soul’s vision for your life and how to integrate spiritual and material attainment, living a joyful, creative and abundant life.

In addition to valuable insights, you will gain tools for life: ancient and modern practices that allow you to release hidden blocks and limitations, heal the past and redefine your experience of love, connection and abundance.

You will also have the opportunity to connect with fellow-students and practice together using all the tools this retreat offers you — which you can access indefinitely inside the private course space.

The Bonus content supports you in your ongoing practice to gain greater self-awareness and mastery. This includes:

Discover Your Soul Purpose: 7 Steps to Clarity, Alignment and Flow
Online course comprising 7 Lessons, 7 Healing Journeys, 2 Activations, c. 6 hours.

No More Heart Wall!
Energy healing transmission, c. 40 minutes

28 Days of Gratitude
Dedicated space for gratitude practice inside the School of Soul Alchemy.

Ho’oponopono: A Miracle Practice
Complete session including guided practice, c. 90 minutes


You have the option to register with an additional private Soul Alchemy session (1 hour) with Elena Angel for extra clarity and guidance on specific topics.

Your Soul Alchemy session is an opportunity to dive deeper into personal issues and goals. It includes:

– in-depth psychic reading on specific topics

– karmic / ancestral / past-life and any other healing, clearing, balancing and integration needed to support your intentions

– intuitive guidance and channeled messages

– quantum energetics to optimize the energy and future outcomes

Get ready for a uniquely insightful and profoundly transformative experience!


“That was really amazing! The course was just fantastic… so much insight and brilliance… Thank you!”
— Don Hudson

“You have changed my life and I’m forever thankful. The two courses I have taken have been so valuable… I will use them all the time! Thank you!”
— Amanda Medina

“You helped me to see life from a different point of view. I have the tools I need now, this has been amazing! Thank you.”
— Maria Elena Morfin

“I really appreciate everything that you have taught us, the structured way but also the communication. I think that sharing the experience here in this small group is very beneficial…. I’ve seen a connection I was not expecting, this love transmitted through the screen… Thank you…for sharing and making this weekend really healing.”
— Ana Goretti

“Wonderful and on target: highly recommend.”
— Robin Delaware

“Elena shares the information she accesses in a very loving and light way, making you feel safe and creating an amazing sense of expansion and clarity!”
— Maria Crespo

“The sessions with Elena were a highlight for me this year and I can highly recommend her work to anybody who is interested in personal development and growth from within.

I gained insight and a deeper understanding for life in general. It helped me to look at my life on multidimensional levels and my fascination for what we truly are — souls on a journey — grows from day to day.”
— Daniela Weber