Discover Your Soul Purpose: 7 Steps to Clarity, Alignment and Flow

Do you feel:

– you’re here for something important, bigger, but not sure exactly what?

– you’re not making the most of your potential, or living your best life?

– you’re definitely on your path, but having lots of problems and can’t make progress the way you’d like?

This course is for you.

Theres a greater purpose to your life, a deeper reason why youre here.

Why you’re the person you are, in this body, with this history, living this life now.

Understanding what you’re really here for and finding your way to your highest destiny, the path your Soul has set out for you (or better!) is the key to your fulfillment. 

The greatest turning point in my life came when, in meditation, a vision of my soul purpose was revealed.

In all honesty, I didn’t quite “get it” at the time!

What I saw was completely unexpected, outside my frame of reference at the time. 

But the vision moved me deeply. 

It felt true and I committed to it.

What happened next?

Everything seemed to fast-forward, as my life was filled with magical synchronicities, soulmate connections and surprising discoveries. 

Each step of the path presented itself to me as a clear choice I was guided to make. Each new choice propelled me forward into new, uncharted territory.

The journey was daunting at times, but I always felt supported and guided. 

The voice of my inner knowing grew stronger and amazing people seemed to appear out of nowhere, helping me along the way.

In the decades that followed, I was motivated to deepen my self-enquiry and engage in extensive research and study, in order to make better sense of the mystery I was living.

I was guided through major career shifts, relocations, new friendships and partnerships, all the way to a whole new experience of myself with ever heightened intuition and an uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time.

In the years that followed, opportunities came knocking at my door and the greatest challenge was to release the hold of limiting karmic imprints, arising from my own life experiences, my ancestry, past lives and collective fields.

Saying “yes” and rising to the challenge, I gathered deeper insight on how we weave our destinies and have created this course to help you:

– strengthen your intuition and get clarity on your soul’s purpose — so that you can make confident choices and be sure you’re on your path

– release negative karma, soul contracts and other unconscious blocks — so that you can get unstuck and have more freedom and energy to make new choices and create your destiny

– experience more flow, as you channel more of your soul energy and align with your soul’s plan for your life (or better!) — so that you can make a bigger impact in life and benefit not only yourself, but all of humanity.

Are you ready to discover your soul purpose? Move forward with clarity, alignment and flow?

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Our journey together begins with a 7-Day Challenge, which you can complete in the space of a week, or at a pace that works for you.

Each day comes with a:

– Lesson, where I set out all the insights and tools you need to get clarity, align with your soul purpose and get into flow, and

– Guided Meditation & Energy Healing, a powerful energetic transmission to support your healing and self-discovery process and open the way for you to create your destiny more consciously.


Over the course of the following three months, there will be monthly Zoom meetings for

– Energy Healing for Karmic Release

– Additional clearing, balancing and manifesting techniques

– Q & A and Sharing

so that you are completely supported as you deepen into your study, your self-enquiry and enter new experiences in life.

You will also have access to ongoing support, more resources and opportunities to share and connect through

– Discover your Soul Purpose Course Forum

– School of Soul Alchemy General Forum

– Free Library

and the dedicated

– Soul Alchemists’ Library

All these pieces ensure that you stay inspired, confident and strong to pursue your purpose!


Registrations for this presentation of Discover Your Soul Purpose close on Monday, 20th December 2021. The group forum will close a week later, on Sunday, 2nd January 2022.

During the 3-month period from start to finish, you will have 24/7 access to Discover Your Soul Purpose course content and forum.

If you miss a live session or join after the initial 7-Day Challenge, you can still access all the content and join the course community when you’re ready.

This way, you can take Discover Your Soul Purpose as a self-study course — and still have the opportunity to share and connect with other participants in this course and members of School of Soul Alchemy.

Many students find it helpful to revisit the Lessons, Meditations and Energy Healing, even when they have attended the live sessions.

Each time you repeat a session, you will uncover new layers of meaning, and the meditations and energy work will take you deeper and open more space for your creative unfolding.

However you take this course, you’re sure to get great insights, a big boost of energy, and the invaluable support of soul family.

I  forward to sharing this life-changing journey with you!

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20 Sep 2021 - 02 Jan 2022


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