Dream Healing: Guided Dreamwork Practice

This practice was shared live during a recent Dream Circle. 

Below are some helpful guidelines:

  • Prepare by selecting a dream to work on. Choosing a dream that provoked strong emotions will likely lead to a more powerful transformation.
  • Spend some time recalling as much detail as you can about the dream.
  • During the practice, you will be guided to recreate and reenter the dream, exactly as you remember it.
  • Once inside the dream, you will be guided to shift perspective by entering different characters or elements present in the dream — it may be people / beings, objects, colours, textures, anything at all that forms part of the dream. This will allow you to increase your understanding and gain valuable insight into the meaning of the dream and the opportunity it presents for you at this time.
  • You will then be guided to experience a transformation. Allow yourself to be guided by your imagination: let some resolution or transformation take place, however it will.
  • As the practice draws to a close, you will have the opportunity to state a personal intention and receive a final healing and blessing.
  • If you keep a journal, you may like to make a few notes about your experience, or take a few moments to integrate.

Next steps?

If you enjoyed this recording and would like to explore more, check out Happiness Essentials, a bundle of three healing session recordings, or join the School of Soul Alchemy and explore the Free Library.

You’re welcome to get in touch, if you’d like to share about your experience, or request additional guidance.


Powerful and very clear experience!

Elena shares the information she accesses in a very loving and light way, making you feel safe and creating an amazing sense of expansion and clarity!

Maria Crespo, Consultant 
Maria Crespo, Consultant

The rest of the day after our meeting, I felt an openness I haven’t felt in a very long time. I was excited to be alive, got caught in the rain with my pup and laughed and danced, and then was able to recreate an entire song without distraction (which hasn’t happened in over a year!).

I physically feel my heart opening and refusing to close even when my fears start to threaten me… Thank you for creating such a safe and loving space because I definitely could not have felt this way without you all.


My biggest takeaway from the session was that we are more powerful that we really think we are and with the right guidance we can discover the true colours of our souls.

We just need the courage to let go of old beliefs and mental constructs that hold us back and have faith that these will be alchemised into new nourishing and creative states of being.


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