“Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the action stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.”

Anaïs Nin

Like you, I was born a dreamer.

And I have spent at least as much of my energy killing my dreams, as I have pursuing them.

Now, I know better! I have come to understand that our dreams show us where we’re at and where we’re heading. They open up new possibilities for us, and pull us forward. It’s the dreaming mind, the imagination that drives progress, evolution.

Why think backwards, always looking to the past, living on autopilot? Why not free our vision, and take action to make our dreams come true?

Here are six essential steps to weave your dreams into being.

1. Pay attention to your dreams.

Take note, literally write them down! Those dreams you see at night, and the visions that pop up in your consciousness out of nowhere (usually when you’re more relaxed). They hold keys to what is going on inside, and what is needed for you to enjoy more balance and wholeness in body, mind and spirit. Sometimes you have to look more closely to discern this, but all of your dreams ultimately lead you to more love and joy.

2. Nurture your dreams.

Give energy, space and time for your dreams to grow clearer, stronger, more vivid. Be creative and keep the feeling fresh — don’t twist your dreams into egoic fantasies, but keep them alive, wholesome, full of heart and soul. If your dreams are still elusive, cultivate an attitude of innocent curiosity and draw inspiration from everything around you. Stay present and notice what arises — any sensation or feeling, not just imagery. Imaging is a total sensory experience.

3. Dream big. Bigger.

Don’t be scared to dream big. Feel the fear and dream anyway. A lot of fear is bound to come up, as you contemplate something new. We are afraid of failure; we are even more afraid of success. Work through your fears, resistances and self-imposed limitations, breathe through all the emotions that arise, and have faith in your dream. Expand your capacity to imagine ALL the goodness in your life, not just a little, sometimes.

4. Be bold. Start small.

When the time comes to take action on your dreams, you’ll have to feel into the approach that works best for you. Want that dream body? Perhaps you’ll do best with an intensive program that blasts you forward towards your fitness goals. Or you may get better results starting gently with just a few minutes of exercise each day, so that you can implement the lifestyle change more easily and build on it over time. You’ll likely get the results either way, just as long as you keep up with your practice.

5. Hold your intention lightly. Stay responsive.

Dreams require a degree of focussed attention in order to materialize. But this life is a co-creation! Once you set an intention and take action on it, Universe conspires to assist you and will bring even more to you than you can imagine! Besides, there is a higher authority: your own Higher Self, your Soul, that knows what serves your highest good better than anyone, so it’s wise to stay present and responsive to what unfolds, as you pursue your dream. Don’t be attached to the outcome. Connect with your Higher Self, receive guidance and act on your intuition every step of the way.

6. Surround yourself with fellow visionaries.

Challenges are part of the process. Your intuition will always let you know what’s required: a subtle adjustment? A radical change of course? It helps to have support from people who believe in you and your vision, who will encourage you through all your adventures. This is a hero’s journey, but even heroes need good allies! Remember: humanity’s is a collective dream, and synergy takes us all further.

Dreaming of a brighter future already?

Come dream with me and take action to create a life of love, creativity and joy.

Join me and the community of dreamers and change-makers inside the School of Soul Alchemy. Together, we create a new world.