Updated: 3rd January 2024

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” – Khalil Gibran

How long does a broken heart last?

A few centuries, one client discovered.

Rolf’s story is a great example of the greatness of your soul.

It goes to show how deeply you have to dive into your psyche sometimes, in order to heal your heart and find happiness and contentment.

What prompted this particular healing journey?

A failing business

None of us can get away from the grand awakening that is taking place. 

Sometimes, a failing business is what it takes to heal deep wounds and find fulfilment.

Rolf had been doing well in his business, selling supplements and well-being devices, until he hit a rough patch. He shares:

“I came to this work at a time of crisis. 

I had a string of bad luck for years. My business was suffering, I was in debt… I thought I was cursed.

My main goal was to escape my misfortune.

I turned to many other practitioners before coming to Elena, but nothing worked. I was very angry, losing hope. I didn’t think I could do anything to change my situation.”

Over the course of twelve sessions, we set about detecting and clearing the energetic blocks and karmic imprints that contributed to the “cursed” business failure.

One particular bit of karmic clearing was especially memorable: a painful past-life experience that was now resurfacing for healing.

A tender heart

I tuned in and saw a scene in the 17th century.

A young man, a little over twenty, was writing a love letter to his sweetheart. 

He lived at a seaside town, near present-day Figueira da Foz in Portugal.

He could see the ocean through the window next to his desk.

From time to time, he would look up from his writing, pining for his beloved, as he gazed at the distant horizon.

This was not the first letter he was writing to her. He’d sent her many letters already.

Sadly, she never wrote back. 

The young man was losing hope. Unrequited love was breaking his heart.

He suffered deeply from the failure of his communications.

His messages of love were not getting through to the one he so desperately wanted to reach. 

Eventually, he gave up trying, his heart aching.

Your heart doesn’t know time

For every piece of karmic clearing, I ask to be shown the specific way in which the particular karmic energy relates to the individual’s present-day life.

When I asked about this energy, I was shown that it was affecting Rolf’s marketing efforts. 

His marketing communications were unproductive, failing to move his prospects to buy — just like in his past life, he’d failed to make his sweetheart respond to his communications.

Isn’t it fascinating, how the energy of unrequited love can resurface centuries later, in a completely different context?

Despite appearances, you are truly timeless.

Unhealed wounds and unprocessed emotions don’t just go away. They will resurface, one way or another.

The plus side? You can heal those old wounds right now, in the present. 

You can find peace in your heart and change your life for the better.

The magic of past-life healing

Over the course of our work together, Rolf and I systematically addressed and cleared a whole range of emotional blocks, negative beliefs and karmic energies that were contributing to Rolf’s business and financial woes.

He saw results very quickly. He shares:

“Very quickly, as soon as we started the sessions, something shifted. I wasn’t sure exactly how, but I could definitely feel it.

I was very impressed with the detailed way in which Elena does the energetic clearing.

I had never experienced anything like it before. It was extremely impressive.

By the end of our sessions, twelve in total, everything had changed.

My business went through the roof!

I even had other companies reach out to me wanting to know my secret, wanting me to advise them!

Where I had no options before, now I have all these new opportunities. I’m much more confident about my purpose and I know that the work I do, my business, is right for me. It’s the right thing to do — not just for money…

The sessions brought back the enjoyment in what I do. How I help people.

It makes me very happy, to be able to serve.”

Three years later, Rolf’s business continues to thrive.

He’s more successful than ever. More importantly, he’s happier than ever.

He’s much more relaxed, at peace with himself and life at large. There is a sense of contentment and ease about him.

Past-life healing enabled Rolf to connect with a deep sense of purpose in his work and find his flow.

Every working day is a success for him: he’s fulfilling his purpose with ease.

Heal your heart, change your life

Is your heart aching?

Is there an area in your life, where you feel blocked and unfulfilled?

You can heal the pain and open the door to fulfilment.

Don’t wait for a big crisis. Don’t let the pain go on for years.

Take action now and finally heal those wounds. 

On the other side of pain, there is peace, happiness, fulfilment — and now you know how to get there.

Here are three ways for you to get started:

  • join the School of Soul Alchemy. You can get started for free — explore the various articles and discussion boards, and start your alchemical transformation with the Soul Purpose Activation and Heal Your Connections guided meditations available inside the Free Library.
  • get started with a Soul (Akashic) Reading or Soul Alchemy Session. One-to-one sessions offer you a detailed and systematic way to explore your past lives and other aspects of your greater Self. Together, we work through your “shadow”, bringing to light what’s unhealed and helping you transform your life, as you regain your freedom, integrity and wholeness.

Questions? Send me an e-mail.

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