Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.

– Victor Frankl

Are you watching the numbers?
I am.

There’s this website showing COVID-19 figures worldwide.
And then there’s the World view.
Different figures for comparison — changing before your very eyes.

A powerful reminder of our interwoven destinies as individuals and as a collective.

Perhaps you’re asking:

  • am I free to choose my destiny?
  • what does it mean to be empowered as an individual?
  • what is my place in large-scale events?

As I see it, we’re experiencing a soul-driven evolutionary process.
Perspective and connection to personal purpose are crucial.

I discussed such questions — and more — from a personal, as well as from a karmic, astrological and planetary perspective with Isaac George, spiritual mentor & astrologer.

Watch the two-part broadcast on YouTube.

YouTube video
YouTube video

Part 2 of “Past Wisdom for a New Earth Vision” includes a Soul Star Meditation I created specially for you to connect with your soul purpose and essence.
(Content summary with timings in the notes.)

The conversation continues inside the School of Soul Alchemy.