“Faith is loyalty to unseen reality.” – Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard, the unorthodox Christian mystic, was a master of conscious manifestation.

His teaching about manifesting desired realities, the experiences we want in life, emphasises the importance of faith.

The idea is that, once the intention for the new, imagined reality is energised and released, there is nothing to do, but wait for it to manifest in the physical dimension. 

But you have to uphold faith. In the interim between the release of your intention and its manifestation as a physical reality, you will not have any physical evidence of your manifestation: you won’t be able to see your new home / job / relationship etc.

Even so, you must have absolute faith that the new reality is already created.

The new reality you intend to manifest already exists, though unseen.

Believe beyond a shadow of a doubt and trust that it is only a matter of time before you can see it with your physical eyes, touch it, hear it and so on.

Your reward will be the manifestation of your intention.

What could trip you up?

Karma and lack of alignment are two major factors that we address in one-to-one and group work.

  • What would you like to manifest?
  • What does your new reality look and feel like?
  • Do you have faith, that it is so?

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