I’m an intuitive channel,

spiritual healer and guide.

Hi, I’m Elena.

I help you do the deep work needed to release blocks and limitations, align with your Soul purpose and gifts, and make a powerful impact in the world by being your Self.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

– George Bernard Shaw

It’s no coincidence that you found me.

Perhaps what brought you here was a spiritual crisis, a major life change, an awakening.

Perhaps an inspiration or a friend’s recommendation that rang true in your heart.

Perhaps you’ve been seeking answers to life’s challenges and pain, longing for change.

This is your Soul calling you to live out your purpose.

To connect, create and evolve into a greater expression of yourself.

This is your path to fulfillment and your greatest contribution to the world.

This is the journey we go on, together.

“You and I are the force for transformation in the world.

We are the consciousness that will define the nature of reality we are moving into.”

– Ram Dass

I’ve always been sensitive.

As a child, I was close to the transcendent. In the silence, I could hear an exquisite music. I called it “Music of the Angels”.

I must have been around five years old when I realised, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am creating reality with my mind.

“But, why am I creating things I don’t like?”, was my big question.

I set out to find answers.

Elena is open-hearted in sharing her own experiences and generous in helping you clear anything that stands in your way to greater happiness and peace.

Lynn Paterson, One Heart Tantra

I grew up in a Christian environment, but was not so enamoured with the religious culture. 

Many of the dictates seemed out of touch with modern-day life, for example regarding sexuality and marriage. The majority of people chose to ignore them, but suffered feelings of guilt and shame.

Of those who practised more rigorously, many seemed to have lost touch with the spirit of the teachings and weren’t better humans for their religious diligence.

My experience of the Divine was deeply personal and real.

There was a naturalness to it that defied religious constraints.

You have your own direct line to Source, God, the Great Mystery.

Whatever you choose to call it, I encourage you to find Spirit within you and recognise it as your Self.

“In the days ahead, you will either be a mystic

(one who has experienced God for real) or nothing at all.”

– Karl Rahner

In my heart, music and mysticism come together, and I pursued both paths in parallel for more than twenty years.

When, at last, a clear vision of my soul purpose came, I knew I had to surrender to it.

Having built a career as a classical musician, I let it go. I shifted to transformative, spiritual healing work.

Music and sound continue to be very important in my work.

As a voice channel, also trained in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and hypnosis, I use language and the sound of my voice to powerful effect.

You will notice how your consciousness and energy shift during a session, through the words I speak.

In energy healing sessions, guided meditations and all of my workshops, I use music and my voice to raise the vibration and carry the impulse for change.

Music becomes the medium for forgiveness and love in action, compassion, helping you to restore peace in your heart, recover and reintegrate lost fragments of your Soul.

Even I can’t explain the magic that takes place in these sessions, but the effects are unmistakable — whether you are attending a live session or listening to a recording.

You will notice a shift in your mood, the feeling in your body and, more importantly, in your life.

What’s amazing is that she’s just got so many healing modalities to work with. She’s very diverse and versatile. 

There’s a very big difference between working with a normal therapist, or even a hypnotherapist, and then working with someone highly intuitive, like Elena.

Ben Hawkes, MD, The Flooring Group

Having committed fully to my spiritual journey and healing work, I sought extensive training and research, expanding my understanding and ability to alchemise consciousness and energy.

Mainly attracted to Tantric, Taoist, Zen Buddhist and Bön teachings. I also explored mystery schools, channeled teachings, shamanic traditions and healing practices, including medicine work, the Munai Ki rites and the Toltec Dreamer’s path. 

At the same time, I found the modern convergence of science and spirituality deeply fascinating. I was very excited to train in energy work that incorporates quantum physics principles, including the Millennium Method and Matrix Energetics.

I usually refer to such methods for healing, transformation and manifestation as “quantum energetics”. My own style of subtle energy work is a form of quantum energetics, even though I don’t always describe it in this way.

I may, instead, speak of vibration or frequency, or just talk about feelings.

I call on your imagination and take you on a journey of subtle energy sensations and emotions.

As your awareness and energy expand, the heaviness you had been holding melts away.

Your heart opens, full of wisdom and love.

You feel the transformation in every cell of your being.

And it shows in your life.

People are reacting differently to me because I am so much more present. 

When I think back to the experiences we reran it still evokes a level of feeling and emotion that I have just not been feeling—it’s so fantastic—and my choices are clearer than ever. 

I don’t have the words to convey my feelings about the magic you have worked with me.

John, business consultant

The journey continues, of course!

A perpetual student of life and its mysteries, I always seek to increase my knowledge and understanding, heal more within me, and embody more of my creative potential.

All that I learn and experience are distilled into my unique approach to healing, transformation and spiritual development, and the quality of presence I am able to offer you.

You, each person I work with, are my inspiration.

I think that everybody’s soul is a force for good, so when you have a session like this and your soul gift is clearly revealed to you, it gives you a feeling that you’re useful in the world and to live from a more certain space.

I think it’s the years of preparation, the years of meditation, ceremonies, discipline, focus and practice that this ability has been opened up to her. Elena’s attained this gift, and it’s to help people.

I don’t think just anyone could do this, because you have to have done a certain amount of work to get those insights and to be a conduit, to take yourself out of the way and to let those messages come through.

Natasha Chawla, yoga teacher and author

Growing up, it pained me to experience inauthenticity and disconnection.

Instead of loving each other peacefully, joyfully, almost everyone was entangled in some web of emotional drama and co-dependency.

Instead of going passionately about their purpose, people worked half-heartedly to pay the bills, or obsessively, looking for happiness in materialistic pursuits. Entertainment and other forms of “escape” offered some relief from the pain within.

The discord of “normal” life weighed heavily on my heart and mind. It felt too much to bear.

For a long time, I put it down to being ultra-sensitive, but I later realised there was also the heavy burden of my karma.

I almost lost touch with my own essence, the love and joy within.

Nothing made me truly happy.

Back in my twenties, when I started my healing journey, letting go was a painful, arduous process. I wasn’t hopeful that I’d ever see the light.

Now, nearly thirty years later, I’m blessed with the ability to identify and release negative thoughts and emotions, karmic energies and conditioning, swiftly and gracefully.

This is the gift I’m offering you.

Elena is totally in command, as a very self-aware person. You can feel her natural authority around this stuff.

She has all this knowledge and, at the same time, she’s sort of impervious, like it doesn’t matter how big your suffering is, we can go into this. 

Elena’s also a healer for healers. We can work with other people and then we need Elena to work with us.

Igor Ezendam, Feeling Sound

However big your suffering, I assure you, there’s a way to let go.

And it’s important that you do!

Our world doesn’t need more pain.

It needs you to be free, inspired, crystal clear on your vision and able to realise it.

It’s your birthright to enjoy:

  • physical, emotional and mental well-being
  • harmonious home and family life
  • fulfilling relationships and sexuality
  • rewarding business and creative projects
  • peace and synergy in your community and environment
  • life-affirming spiritual connection

because this makes you better able to make a bigger contribution.

Able to create and share more, in more ways, with more people.

This is how you, each one of us, transform the world.

I have turned to Elena for her support and guidance through many different issues in my life, over a number of years.  

Elena has helped me unravel and work through sexual, emotional and spiritual blocks.  As a result, my marriage of twenty years feels renewed and vibrant once again. Elena was able to negotiate the complexities of two very strong characters skillfully with intuitive grace and wisdom.

Elena was equally adept in applying her intuitive qualities, in supporting my eleven year old daughter. Through empathic conversation and the use of various gentle techniques, such as art and picture cards, a shift happened in my daughter. She released some negative beliefs she was holding onto and has found a new inner strength to draw from.

On a personal level, Elena has helped facilitate and encourage my spiritual growth, encouraging me to explore the various new insights and energetic shifts that are taking place within me. Having her there to discuss and explore my new expansion and awareness, allows me to consolidate these experiences and expand on them without doubting myself or dismissing it as simply my imagination.

I would recommend Elena to anyone seeking guidance on a spiritual, emotional or physical level. I will continue to work with Elena over the coming years and draw comfort just knowing she is there.

Emma, homemaker and entrepreneur

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