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I’m Elena Angel.

I am a past-life psychic, intuitive healer and spiritual guide, with a deep passion for helping intelligent seekers and change-makers like you live your highest destiny and make a bigger impact.

My strength lies in finding and releasing what is holding you back from your happiness and fulfilment, so you can come into wholeness and move forward with clarity, confidence and grace.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience;

we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

You know this well:

there’s more to life than meets the eye.

There’s a reason for everything, but at times it can be hard to work out what that reason is.

You may be wondering why certain problems won’t go away — even after reading the books, doing workshops, seeing therapists, and trying your best to change the negative patterns.

Maybe you’ve spent many sleepless nights wondering if you’ll ever be able to escape your problems. Maybe you’re losing hope that a positive outcome is possible. But please, don’t lose hope, because I can help you.


Make a fresh start

As a spiritual life coach and intuitive channel, I draw on my psychic gifts, energetic mastery and a lifetime of mystical adventures, research and training to reveal and release the hidden causes behind the persistent blocks in your life.

Whether you’re 

  • a spiritual business owner or entrepreneur wanting to break through the glass ceiling to your success, happiness and positive impact
  • an experienced meditator or budding mystic seeking an advanced healer and mentor to help you through some of the darker corners and challenging initiations along the spiritual path
  • at a crucial moment in your life, in need of answers and practical support as you awaken and grow spiritually, embrace more of your own healing gifts, your intuition and creativity, and endeavour to share them with others in tangible ways

working together will help you

  • understand and work with the unseen forces, ancestral, karmic, past-life experiences and other energies, that shape your life experience
  • experience deep healing and transform doubt, confusion and dissatisfaction into clarity, alignment and joy
  • start writing your own story as a conscious co-creator of your destiny — free from the past at last.

You can create a new life for yourself!

You deserve and can have happier, more loving and uplifting relationships, as well as the satisfaction of meaningful connections, rich rewards and positive impact in all your endeavours.

How to get there?

We can work together through:

  • private sessions for intuitive spiritual guidance, psychic readings, ancestral healing and karmic clearing specific to your circumstances and needs
  • Meditation & Energy Work live energy healing sessions and recordings
  • Ask Angel calls, Akashic Readings workshops, Discover Your Soul Purpose and Attuned to Essence group spiritual coaching programs and more!

However you choose to do this life-changing work, you will have plenty of support to increase you knowledge and understanding, heal and recover your energy, as you align powerfully with the source of wisdom, creativity and joy within you, your Soul.

Read testimonials from clients, students and mentees on this page, or please go ahead and write me more about yourself, so I can suggest the best options for you.

What others are saying

What an amazing experience!

Elena makes healing past life experiences and the limitations they impose in our current reality simple to transform.

In all of my experience with different types of healing modalities and tools to elevate consciousness, I have come to know that this simplicity can only truly be translated by someone who has mastered their abilities.

My sessions have been profound and deeply healing. The past lives that Elena connected to all had significant relevance to my current circumstances.

The energy has clearly shifted. The old patterns seem to have faded away. I feel like a new version of myself has awakened. 

John Burgos, Beyond the Ordinary 
John Burgos, Beyond the Ordinary

I was able to diffuse some past sexual anger in me, give up sugar and coffee with no cravings at all, my energy levels increased. 

I received downloads of how I am supposed to be showing up in the world and I have made more money in my business in the 7 weeks of our time together than in the whole year.

It all feels surreal, but also very real. I feel free to walk in my soul’s desires. There is deeper sense of knowing that I am so divinely supported. 

I definitely feel that I have had a quantum jump.

Jonita D'souza, Exploring Femininity 
Jonita D'souza, Exploring Femininity

Elena has helped me unravel and work through sexual, emotional and spiritual blocks. As a result, my marriage of twenty years feels renewed and vibrant once again. 

Elena was equally adept in applying her intuitive qualities, in supporting my eleven year old daughter. She released some negative beliefs she was holding onto and has found a new inner strength to draw from. On a personal level,

Elena has helped facilitate and encourage my spiritual growth, encouraging me to explore the various new insights and energetic shifts that are taking place within me. 

I will continue to work with Elena over the coming years and draw comfort just knowing she is there.

Emma, homemaker and entrepreneur 
Emma, homemaker and entrepreneur

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